Drawing many positive lessons for the future from mistakes and experiences

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Dear fans of the Bayern basketball team,

The final tournament of the BBL in the Audi Dome is still going on, but our team is no longer there. We can guess how big the disappointment is for everyone and we are also very disappointed.

The 2019/2020 season didn't go anywhere near as well as we had imagined in all the competitions. It is a setback.

Setbacks are part of the sport. Who would know that better than we do. It's only three years ago that we clearly failed 3-0 in the play-off semi-final for the German championship. But then won the double for the first time the following year and were able to defend the championship title in 2019 and we knew exactly who we were. And we know that now as well.

To analyse the failure and to draw the right conclusions, is what we are dealing with now in detail. And not just since the quarter-final elimination last Friday. Our team was undoubtedly of sufficient quality. And in the decisive phase they fought hard until the final buzzer. That was just as little to blame as the bad luck with injuries that accompanied us from the start of the season.

This setback should have a value.
What the team lacked was a certain chemistry - and I don't mean the team chemistry among themselves, which was fine - a harmonious mix of individuals. We have to blame ourselves for this planning error.    

In any case, it's obvious that other teams were better able to cope with the special circumstances of this quarantine tournament. This has to be respected and for me personally, a worthy German champion will be crowned this weekend. To call them "Corona Champions" I would consider disrespectful.

We ourselves want to draw many positive things for the future from our mistakes and experiences. This setback should have value in the long run. Anyway, despite all the frustration about our own results, we can also be a little proud of what our organization has achieved in the past weeks.

After all, it is no secret that FC Bayern Basketball has been the decisive activist of a Munich Final10 alongside the BBL, which is now even receiving international attention and recognition.

Our successes in 2020: the Final10, the "hero donation" campaign & the enthusiasm of all
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the helpers for their enthusiasm - whether it be our office staff in the Audi Dome, the, the cleaning staff, the crew in the "Audi Urban Cinema" at the Munich Airport and the incredible Leonardo hotel staff - I would like to thank them all on behalf of my team.   

Which brings us finally to you. It is perhaps no coincidence that the home team felt like strangers, especially in their own living room. Exactly one year ago, our fans pushed us into extra time and to our third victory in the decisive final game. This time, unfortunately, none of you were there. You are our sixth man, any you've also given us great support in the past few weeks with the refund campaign, the ticketing "hero donation", among other things to benefit social institutions:

Because today we can announce that thanks to the generosity of many fans we will soon be able to provide powerful support to our partners Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München and the München Klinik nursing staff. Details will follow, but by this time, around half of our season ticket customers in the public area have already supported our social commitment with their proof of solidarity.

This is another success of which we are very proud. Thanks to those who made it possible, including our ticketing team.

What happens now? Well, the phase of internal recapitulation, the analysis of a crushing sporting defeat, will not end tomorrow, nor will it end the day after tomorrow. All we can ask for is a little patience.

Some time will also pass until it is clear when the BBL and EuroLeague (current plan: October 2nd) will actually start the 2020/2021 season. However, we will do everything possible to ensure that the start is only made when spectators in the Audi Dome can support us again. The construction of the hall will be prepared accordingly in the summer, and thanks to our experience at the final tournament in terms of hygiene and safety concept, we'll also be well prepared here in the interest of the fans.   

We can't do it without you.
Because one thing has become clear to everyone: Without you we can't do it, without you the upcoming anniversary season - the tenth in the BBL and the tenth in the Audi Dome! - will not succeed. But we are confident that in autumn, games with spectators will be possible again, at least in reduced numbers.

Whereby this is also asked of all of us: Continued responsible adherence to the hygiene and safety rules by everyone helps, as does the download of the new Corona warning app, which we encourage you to do.

The current incidents at home and abroad show us that our personal responsibility is greater than some people think.

Meanwhile we wish you a nice summer. We will be in touch as soon as we have news to report. We are working hard to realign ourselves and learn from mistakes so that we can experience a successful anniversary season together.


 Marko Pesic       



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