BBL playoffs in 2-2-1 format after Top Four at the Audi Dome

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The 2021 playoffs will begin after the Top Four for the German Cup recently scheduled for May 15/16 at the Audi Dome, starting May 20 at the latest.  The regular season with possible make-up games should be completed by May 18. A possible fifth final must be played by June 13 due to the national team's Olympic qualification. Thus, in the extreme case, the German champions would have to play 15 games in 25 days.

In addition to these general conditions, the clubs of the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga have also agreed on the regulations for quarantine cases and possible sporting decisions "at the green table". The aim is to safeguard game operations by means of more stringent hygiene and safety concepts in order to be able to guarantee sporting decisions as far as possible. 

The details of the resolution:
"1. All cancelled games shall be rescheduled if possible and shall take place in their entirety. For this purpose, the regular season can be extended. Should a playoff participant be involved in these games, the last date for this to take place is 18.05.2021 (Note: This buffer period has already been triggered by the Oldenburg - Goettingen game, which has been moved to 11.05.2021 for quarantine reasons (...). Postponed games without participation of playoff participants can still be played parallel to the playoffs. In the case of rescheduled games without sporting decision value, the two teams can mutually agree not to play this game after 09.05.2021.

2) In case of a "worst case scenario", where games cannot be played due to team quarantine and no make-up date is possible, the team affected by the quarantine will lose the game with a score of 40-0 according to § 17 BBL Game Rules.

3. if a team is relegated only because of game evaluations - concerning the own or third team - at the green table, the following rule applies: if it would have been mathematically possible to avert relegation if the games concerned had been played, this team is not relegated in this case. In other words, no team will be relegated solely on the basis of one or more "own" or "third" games not being played. The exception to this are game relegations due to quarantine orders, which are also due to a significant non-compliance with the prescribed hygiene measures or the required documentation proofs.


5. also for the playoffs most conceivable scenarios in connection with team quarantines are regulated in advance. The most important rules in brief: a. Again, the principle is that a quarantined team will receive a negative game score for the affected games during the quarantine period.

b. However, this is not the same as losing the entire series before a series, as long as the remaining games can still be made up/rescheduled before the start of the next playoff round if necessary. In that case, the "quarantine team" will enter the series with a score of 0-1 or 0-2.
c. A move-up mechanism will be established in the event that a team (or both teams) are quarantined prior to a series and a later entry into the series is no longer possible: i. However, this will not apply to the quarterfinals - there will be no move-ups outside of the regular season places 1 to 8.
ii. Before the semifinals, the direct opponent of the quarantined team from the quarterfinals would advance. The same applies to the final.

iii. The case of both semi-final winners/final participants dropping out would then be dealt with on a situational basis; in no case, however, would the two losing semi-final participants play out the final for the German Championship.

d. Quarantine of a team during a series will result in a game loss score, this also applies to the final series. In case of quarantine of both teams during a series, if the remaining games cannot be rescheduled and the series cannot be finished, the leading team moves on one round, in case of a tie (1:1 or 2:2) the team better placed in the regular season moves on.

6. the regulations listed in point 5 are ultima ratio regulations for the "case of the cases", in particular during the playoffs, for which only a narrowly defined period is available. As described, the primary objective remains the staging of the games and sporting decisions on the court. Therefore, and against the background of threatening ratings for the loss of individual games or even entire series, the teams are urged to immediately establish the greatest possible security to prevent infection with and further spread of the Corona virus in the team, coach and support circle. The corresponding measures are ultimately the responsibility of the clubs. (...)"