"We will fight for every ball"

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Andrea Trinchieri lives in Milan, just a two and a half hour drive away from the Adriatic Sea. FC Bayern Basketball’s new coach will enjoy another week of vacation with his family in Milano Marittima, before beginning his work at Munich’s Audi Dome. Naturally, the 51-year-old coach, together with sporting director Daniele Baiesi and managing director Marko Pesic, is already keeping busy with squad planning. Next week, Trinchieri will communicate his plans for FCBB in Munich for the first time, but before that, he took the time to answer some initial questions.

“There will be no compromises” on dedication, sacrifice and passion. 

"Some things are a no-brainer," said Trinchieri, when asked how long he had to consider the offer from Bayern after his departure in Belgrade. In short: Not at all. "I am obviously aware of how successful Bayern München are at the highest level of soccer – I would like to help establish the club’s basketball team at a similar level someday."

The Milan native is looking forward to his Bundesliga return after almost three years: His new position sees him leave Serbia, a "basketball nation," as he described it. He also pointed out that Germany and the BBL have shown "great flexibility," not least during the corona crisis with their tournament in the Audi Dome: "This was also very important in keeping hold of the fan base." The BBL have also postponed the start of the season until mid- November, because "they want to be able to deliver the very best." Trinchieri is convinced: "Germany will one day be a true basketball nation."

His return to Germany also means a reunion with his old acquaintances from Bamberg, whom he led to several victories back then, including victories over Bayern. "The rivalry between Bamberg and Bayern has given basketball in Germany a huge push," claims Trinchieri, looking back. "These rivalries are very important. The atmosphere in the arenas was unbelievable – the games were unbelievable," he added. Berlin is the reigning champion and the aim, as Trinchieri sees it, could not be clearer: "No question about it. This is Bayern München: We want to chase them. We want their throne."

"I’ve changed in some ways"

The EuroLeague challenge has become even more demanding in light of the transfer rush, which, the corona situation notwithstanding, has given a new lease of life to clubs like Milan, CSKA, Fenerbahce, Valencia, Barcelona and St. Petersburg. Trinchieri said following on the matter: "This was quite a shock initially, with so many big name transfers already. We need to do things differently now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to stay in the competition and win." Before battle can commence out on the court, there’s a lot of work to be done. The final squad will need to develop. Trinchieri wants his team to play "successful basketball," and can’t reveal much more in the way of plans, only that he has "changed in some ways over the past few years: I used to be an absolute lunatic when it came to details. Nowadays, in 2020, you can’t just have one style as a coach, you have to be flexible and adapt to new circumstances. However, in terms of commitment, dedication, sacrifice and passion, there will be no compromises. We will fight for every ball and leave everything out on the court – the results will follow."

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