"This hall is well suited to bring back spectators"

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After a morning appointment at the Munich Health Authority, FCBB Managing Director Marko Pesic and Dr. Florian Kainzinger, who was already responsible for the hygiene and safety concept of the Final10 in the Audi Dome, presented the media representatives a way forward for the intended return of fans to the Audi Dome. Here are the most important statements in brief:

Marko Pesic about...
. . . the discussions with the authorities:

"The exchange with the authorities is excellent and goal-oriented. Starting today there is a new regulation for indoor sports. We split up with the goal of organizing the game against Milan on October 2nd with a capacity utilization of 20 percent".

. . . the absence of the fans:

"We are very happy and motivated that we can finally let our fans back into the hall. The fact that we have contact with our fanbase again is much more important than talking about finances. It is an important sign."

...the allocation of tickets with reduced capacity:

"There are a large number of fans who have kept their season tickets and supported us in our charity campaign with the AKM and München Klinik - we can now pay them back a little and give them priority in the ticket allocation process".

Florian Kainzinger about ...
. . . the security situation in halls:

"What is often wrongly exaggerated is the sentence: 'The risk of infection is greater in closed rooms. (...) The risk of infection in well-ventilated halls is considered by experts to be extremely low. If masks are still used whose protective function has been proven, I think it is absolutely feasible to bring together a relevant number of people in the Audi Dome with reduced risk. This hall is well suited to bring back spectators under the current pandemic conditions".

You will find detailed statements from the media talk in text form at the beginning of next week here on our homepage or in the video below.


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