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Dear fans of FC Bayern Basketball,

From this monday on, the daily life of all of us will change drastically again. After a good half year which has already seen drastic changes.

For us in professional sports, this means that in November we will have to do without those who are the driving force behind our activities here in the Audi Dome, who, alongside our partners, are our indispensable base: our spectators, our fans. YOU.    

The word catastrophe is often used inappropriately. Hunger deaths are a catastrophe. Wars, violence and terror. We are not experiencing a catastrophe right now, but we are experiencing very difficult, dramatic times.

Because with games without spectators, in the long run, thousands of existences will be threatened, including ours. The economic consequences are grave.

But of course there is also a lack of solidarity with our fans. "Imagine what would have happened in the hall today ...", that could be heard several times after our last home victory against the great Olympiakos Piraeus team.

Yes, what would that have been like?  A grandiose basketball festival, a fulfilling party in the Audi Dome.

Our team is currently doing everything to ensure that you can experience the great passion of the team and their coach, at least on the screen.

It's a team which fights with passion. It accepts the strange circumstances of the current competition.

And this is definitely one of our two goals for the next few weeks: To stay connected with you as best as we can at the moment.

The second, overriding goal is your return. A comeback of the old normality instead of the so-called "New Normal".

We all know that this will not happen tomorrow and not the day after tomorrow. Despite the elaborate hygiene concepts that we have created with a lot of effort and for which we have received praise from many sides.

But: There will be this return at some point and for this it is necessary that we all behave responsibly:



Even if it is difficult: there is no other way, we have to have so much trust in the decision makers.                  

The simple wish behind this request is: stay healthy by taking care of yourself and everyone else. This is also part of the theme of solidarity.

Next weekend the new BBL season starts. So the intensity for our team will increase once again. But we want to play. For you. But even with you, we have to play, even if we dramatically miss our fans.

Best regards,

Your Bayerns Basketball players


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