In the near future the Office of the FCBB will be providing assistance to the "Münchner Tafel"

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Shortly before the first day of Advent, the FC Bayern basketball team is again increasing its support for important social institutions in Munich: Starting this Thursday, employees of the FCBB office will be on regular duty at the "Münchner Tafel" in Sendling, one of a total of 27 distribution points for needy citizens in Munich. Once a month the office staff will support the distribution of food by the charitable organization.

At the kick-off on Thursday at lunchtime, two Bayern professionals TJ Bray and Alex King will also pitch in and find out about the institution, which is supported by volunteers and donations.


"Especially now in the Corona crisis we have to set an example and help, because this is our city, these are our fellow citizens."

FCBB-Forward Alex King

Donations welcome: canned food, dairy products - and 50 percent of "FCBB Together tickets
The FCBB office has committed itself to helping at least once a month in the construction of and food distribution in the Sendling district. "I think this initiative by our office is great", said Bayern's Managing Director Marko Pesic, who will also be helping out again at one of the meetings. He last supported the Tafel initiative on site at the end of March with an FCBB delegation headed by Association President Herbert Hainer.

"The Bayern basketball players are with us for the fourth time now, this great support touches us and we are also very happy about the regular help in the coming months," said Axel Schweiger of Münchner Tafel.

The FC Bayern basketball players have been supporting the Münchner Tafel for several years now. The charitable organization is the only major Tafel organization in Germany that has continuously guaranteed food supplies for those in need since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Every week, around 20,000 Tafel guests come to the two dozen or so distribution points in the Munich city area.



The Tafel facilities are supported by numerous volunteers and donations: What is needed above all is food such as durable preserves (especially fish), but also easily usable fruit and vegetables, dairy products, sausage, baby food, sweets or similar. Goods can be sent or picked up.

Information about donations: Hotline 0162 - 295 1070 or by Mail: info@muenchner-tafel.de. Further information: www.muenchner-tafel.de.

Digital "Together" backpacks from FCBB fans as donations in December
Since the Corona crisis has also exacerbated the situation of homeless fellow citizens in Munich, the FCBB is again tackling this issue: Under the motto "A backpack for MUC", the fans of the Bayern basketball team have already demonstrated their willingness to help in recent years by collecting backpacks filled with relief supplies for the benefit of the Munich Railway Station Mission. Since such a collection is currently not possible, a digital donation initiative is now starting. In concrete terms: In the month of December, the FCBB will donate 50 percent of all proceeds from the "TOGETHER Ticket" to the Bahnhofsmission. The mission will use the money to buy and distribute urgently needed relief supplies.


The virtual "FCBB Together ticket" of the FCBB costs 10 euros and can be purchased in December for each of the seven Audi Dome home games via the website.

The Munich Railway Station Mission is located at the main station and is visited by more than 300 people every day; a large proportion of whom are destitute. For this reason, the social first aid center offers, among other things, an emergency supply of food, drink and clothing - free of charge, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Information & donations: www.bahnhofsmission-muenchen.de.

FC Bayern Basketball asks for active support for the "Helpside" campaigns.

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