First donate, then go to the rivalry game: FCBB vs. Bamberg

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This has never happened before: A head coach in the top league of his sport wearing a message shirt instead of a fine suit. But Andrea Trinchieri didn't care about the unofficial dress code on Friday night against Olympiakos. The Italian preferred to set an example and shout out to the world what people with sense and empathy are feeling everywhere right now: NO MORE WAR!

Coach Trinchieri on Friday night with the most important message

Collection campaign for Ukraine refugees

For those affected by the war in Ukraine, the Bayern Basketball players are organizing a collection campaign: Before the Bamberg home game, the following donations can be made at the main entrance of the Audi Dome between 3 and 6 pm:

    • First-aid kits
    • Medicin articles
    • Sleeping pads
    • Sleeping bags

The action is carried out in cooperation with the "Society for Integration and Culture in Europe e.V.", which was founded in 1998 as the non-profit organization "GOROD" (info: https://de.newgorod.org) and operates the cultural center of the same name in Arnulfstraße. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Parish Community of Munich (info and donation account: http://deutsch.ukr-kirche.de) also supports the campaign.

Both partners will pass on the donations through their direct channels - we ask for active participation.


At the end of an emotional week, our team plays host to the old acquaintance Bamberg early Sunday evening. It is the third game since Wednesday and the rhythm remains high: Already on Tuesday evening there will be the top game of two league leaders in Bonn.


Nick back home

"It's good to have Paul, Darrun and Nihad back, even though they all still have a way to go to get back to their old form. Missing in Bonn will be Nick, of course, but he could leave the hospital on Friday and is now resting from his severe concussion.There it's good to have Paul, Darrun and also Nihad back, although all still have a way to go to old form. Of course, Nick will still be missing in Bonn, but he was able to leave the hospital on Friday and is now recovering from his severe concussion."


About the guests: The former series champion is going through a difficult phase, even a change of coach and various player losses have hurt the team. The Upper Franconians have recently struggled with injuries and Corona cases, and missing the playoffs for the first time in ages is conceivable with a poitns record of 18-22.

Top scorer Sengfelder

New coach Oren Amiel is trying to find a signature, especially on defense, but vaccination breakthroughs in particular have caused personnel shortages in recent weeks; especially since three mainstays in Kenneth Ogbe (7.9 ppg), Akil Mitchell (12.8) and Patrick Heckmann (8.5) are out for the long term.

Top scorer and best German shooting in the BBL is Brose captain Christian Sengfelder (17.6 ppg) while the recently signed Czech Tomas Kyzlink (11.4) has fitted in well.


(c) Stickel

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