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The Bavarians are back in Munich after five days and have a free Saturday behind them. This was necessary after last Tuesdays Game 5 in Bonn, the final there on Wednesday and the onward journey the following day to the first final in Berlin (86-73 loss). On Sunday afternoon, head coach Andrea Trinchieri gathered his men again to prepare for the second final game on Tuesday evening in the Audi Dome (14.6., 19:00).

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Managing director Marko Pesic explains how the situation looks from Munich's point of view after the not completely unexpected 0:1 deficit.

Marko, it's 0:1 after an opening game in Berlin that started well. Was the late collapse in the last eight minutes after a 65-61 lead almost predictable after four tough playoff games in one week?

Marko Pesic: "I also thought that although we played a really, really good game for 33 minutes, the Bonn series meant we didn't have the energy and spryness to take advantage of the chances we had to pull away. Then in the last seven minutes Alba did it very well and you could see that they used the time after the EuroLeague exit to work a lot. They took advantage of our weak phase with a lot of confidence. You have to acknowledge that."

What do you have to say about Game 2 on Tuesday?

"The situation is very simple now: we have to do everything we can to regenerate well until then and take care of the injured players as best we can, so that everyone is ready to play at 100 percent if possible. We have to try to win this game."

Captain Djedovic & Co. must give everything on Tuesday (c) Wiedensohler

Where can Bayern improve, what do you have to take away from Alba's performance?

"I think both teams know each other inside out by now. That's why, from our point of view, it's time to think solely about our own game. We know what we need to improve, but above all we need more energy. Then you also have more concentration, and that's exactly what we lacked in Berlin throughout the game, in my opinion. If we go into the game more attentive and focused and also control our emotions better - which we didn't do so well in the first game, in contrast to game five in Bonn, for example, where we did that excellently - then we'll have a good chance to win." 

Is home field advantage relevant for these two teams?

"The home advantage plays a big role, of course, and Berlin had that on Friday, too. Funnily enough, we won all four road games in the playoffs by then. That's why we basically already have so much confidence that we can beat anyone away from home. But we have to win our home games, which we didn't do against Bonn - that has to be an extra motivation on Tuesday to win the game together with our fans."

Are an extra motivation on Tuesday: The Bayern fans in the Audi Dome (c) Eirich

BBL-Finals 2022 (0:1)

Tuesday, June 14, 19:00.: FCBB - Alba Berlin
Friday, June 17, 19:00.: Alba Berlin - FCBB
Sunday, June 19, 15:00.: FCBB - Alba Berlin*
Tuesday, June 22, 20:30.: Alba Berlin - FCBB*

=if necessary