Real wins it for the 10th time

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The Audi Dome on this weekend belonged completely to the future of European basketball.

The ADIDAS NEXT GENERATION TOURNAMENT of the EuroLeague again took place in the arena at the Munich Westpark after two years off due to the Corona pandemic.

The ANGT is the most renowned exhibition for European talent since numerous superstars like Luka Doncic, Vasa Micic and Nikola Mirotic once revealed their great talent here. The FCBB is hosting a qualifying tournament with eight under-18 teams for the fourth time and the first time since 2020. The final round will take place at the Final Four in Kaunas in May.

ANGT podcast episode at OPEN COURT

Update Day 3: 9,000 Twitch viewers for the ANGT final

Real Madrid's U18s remain in a class of their own: The dominant youngster won the final of the Munich ANGT round in front of 1,000 fans at the Audi Dome on Sunday against Zalgiris Kaunas 84-64. This is their tenth participation in the qualifying tournament and their tenth time finishing in first place.

Madrid's Gonzalez is MVP

Kaunas, who nearly upset Real at last year's final four (61-60) were neck and neck with the favorites for the first 15 minutes (32-31) before the Spaniards' class prevailed. 16-year-old Hugo González was top scorer (22) and also MVP, with Jack Kayil (Berlin), Jan Vide (Real), Alexandros Samontourov (Athens) and Justas Stonkus (Kaunas) also being named to the tournament top 5.

Bayern without a win

A total of around 4,500 spectators visited the Audi Dome during the three-day weekend a good half of which came on the final day. The live streams via Twitch had a large international audience, with the final alone peaking at more than 9,000 viewers.

The third-place game was won by the international Next Generation Team Munich, coached by Petteri Koponen, who beat a strong Alba Berlin (82-79). Fifth place went to Panathinaikos Athens who beat Ulm (86-77).

90-72 loss to Milan

The FCBB U18 had to accept 8th place after losing 90-72 against Milan. After a close game early, 22-22 (8th), the more mature Italians pulled away before the break. As with the entire tournament, the three-pointers (19%) refused to fall and 26 turnovers were far too many to be able to remain in the game.

Schwabing's guest player Philipp Roos scored 13 points while the two FCBB youngsters Desmond Yiamu (10.7 ppg/9.3 rpg) and Dominik Dolic (10.3/6 apg) led the team statistically for the tournament.

The best images of the Final Day of adidasNGT ⬇

The best impressions of adidasNGT Final day

Update Day 2:

As expected, Real Madrid is the heavy favorite in the ANGT 1st-place game (16:00) and were the favorites all along to make it to the Final Four but the Spaniards' dominance has been nothing short of shocking. In the matchup for the group victory against Alba Berlin's youngsters, who had also won their two games handily, the matter was settled after the first quarter (32-12). Real managed an incredible 25 steals and hit 18 of 34 threes (53%) in a 113-47 victory. Hugo González is a strong contender for the MVP award, averaging 18.3 points (67% three).

A total of around 1.200 spectators visited the Audi Dome on the second day of the tournament


Bayern plays for 7th-place.

Real's opponents in the final game will be Zalgiris Kaunas' U18s, are also still undefeated and the Munich qualifier will be a repeat of last year's final. In Belgrade, Real won 61-60 against the Lithuanians.

Bayern's U18 team, which is short of players due to injury, will play for 7th place starting at 10:00. On Saturday, the first game against Panathinaikos was a clear loss 75-58  where they suffered 28 turnovers. It was not until the final quarter that the FCBB played more freely for the first time against a physically stronger opponent. Desmond Yiamu just barely missed a double-double (8/11 rebounds) while FCBB talents Ivan Volf, Mario Brunetto (10 each) and Dominik Dolic (9) also topped the scorecard for Bayern.


Third Bayern loss

Though the native Ukrainian Yiamu managed to secure a double-double (12/10) Petteri Koponen's ANG Munich team still cruised to a 87-71 victory in the final game of the night. The hosts played very well for one half, but after the first promising lead (46-40/23rd)  the momentum was completely lost. Dolic had 13 points and twelve assists in the loss.

Update Day 1: Bayern defeated by Kaunas, Real dominates

Despite a good fight, the U18 Bayern Basketball team was unable to upset Kaunas in its opening game at the Munich ANGT. The newly formed team around coach Paulo Prestes lost to last year's finalist of the Lithuanian talent factory 82-68. Until the last two minutes of the game with Kaunas was within reach (72-67) but iin the end it was not meant to be.

 A total of around 1,800 spectators came to the Audi Dome on the first day of play. After the conclusion of the group stage on Saturday, the placement games will follow on Sunday.

The hosts had their best phase of play in the third quarter, when they reduced the score to 46-44 (28th) and had the momentum fully on their side. This was surprising since Bayern had foul problems after only a few minutes and were clearly inferior in rebounding and could not hit from three. Just when the game seemed to be at a tipping point, Kaunas scored a few times from distance, grabbed a few offensive rebounds (25 in total!) and benefited from Munich's turnovers. Top scorers for the FCBB were guest player Raphael Falkenthal (13) and FCBB youngsters Desmond Yiamu (12) and Dominik Dolic (9).

On Saturday, Bayern will face Panathinaikos Athens (11:00) and then the ANGT Munich team (19:00).

FCBB U18: Dolic 9 points/3 steals, Falkenthal 13, Pesic 2, Yiamu 12/7 rebounds, Dolinsek 7/6, Brunetto 7, Grussendorf 2, Kolev 6, Varner 2, Volf, Roos 2, Onyekwere 8.


Koponen's premiere in coaching is a success

Defending champions Real Madrid remain the clear favorites of the tournament after a 103-60 win over Ulm to open the tournament and also showed their class against Milan (92-62).  Berlin's youngsters also won twice, 97-84 against Milan in the first game of the tournament in front of around 700 fans and dominated the German duel with Ulm in the evening (99-80). The matchup against Real for the group victory and thus for the entry into the final on Sunday (16:00) will tip-off at 13:00 on Saturday.

In Munich's Group B, former Bayern guard Petteri Koponen celebrated a successful debut in his first assignment as coach as the international ANGT selection team prevailed against Panathinaikos Athens 91-76.

You can watch all games in the Re-Live Format on YouTube ⬇

Gruppe AGruppe B
Alba BerlinFC Bayern Munich Basketball
Armani MilanNext Generation Team Munich
Ratiopharm UlmPanathinaikos Athen
Real MadridZalgiris Kaunas


Milan – Berlin (84-97)

Ulm – Madrid (60-103)

Athens – Next Generation Munich (76-91)

FCBB – Kaunas (68-82)

Berlin – Ulm (99-80)

Madrid – Milan (92-62)

Kaunas – Next Generation Munich (75-73)

Athens – FCBB (75-58)

Berlin – Madrid (47-113)

Ulm – Milan (84-67)

Athen – Kaunas (65-73)

Next Generation – FCBB (87-71)

FCBB 72-90 Mailand | Game for 7th place

Ulm 77-86 Panathinaikos | Game for 5th place

Berlin 79-82 Next Generation | Game for 3rd place

Real Madrid 84-64 Zalgiris | Final




The two two likely central players for the Bayern U18 team - Ivan Kharchenkov and Martin Kalu - will be missing for the hosts due to injury. Kharchenkov, 16, was the youngest BBL player since making his debut with the pros in November, but injured himself soon after. He has since returned to practice but the ANGT comes a week or two too soon for the talented player. Kalu, 17, recently underwent surgery on his foot.

It will be Bayern's first-time collaborating with city rivals from Schwabing that should help provide a competitive Munich team. Unfortunately, another top player from Schwabing, Tin Udovicic, was also recently injured. From the IBAM from Schwabing, five players will join the squad while Jena sends its own addition guest player, Raphael Falkenthal.

"We've always had guest players at the ANGT, but now we've focused it more on Munich and are happy to have a joint project with Schwabing," said Andreas Wagner, technical director at FCBB Nachwuchs. "We're going to see talent at the ANGT, some of which is going to show up in EuroLeague teams or even the NBA in the next few years - the weekend is going to be a basketball fest." 

The team is coached by U19 coach Paulo Prestes, assistants are Mihajlo Mitic and from Schwabing Robert Scheinberg and Kamillo Rosenthal (Physio: Marie Henriksson).

Bayern is taking part in the ANGT for the eighth time and they are the only German team so far to host a qualifying tournament - now for the fourth time. Their top success was third place in 2020 with a win in the semi finals in front of around 750 fans at the Audi Dome.


Roster: Paul Bahn, Eren Simbil, Jack Kayil, Dorian Grosber, Anton Nufer, Finnegan Lehniger, Mathieu Grujicic, Paul Raabe, Leo Hylla, Maksym Solomakha, Linus Ruf, Nevio Bennefeld, Amon Dörries, Finn-Friedrich Flasche.

Last ANGT finish: 4th place qualifying tournament in Llubljana 2022

Head Coach: Vladimir Bogojevic

Player to watch: Guard Jack Kayil, born in 2006, is a true Berlin native; an athletic defender, he turns 17 at the end of the month.


Roster: Gianmarco Fiorillo, Davide Toffanin, Theo Anchisi, Riccardo Casella, Riccardo Bortolani, Omar Karem, Achille Lonati, Samuele Miccoli, Gabriel Pozzato, Matteo Todisco, Giulio Volontè, Denis Badalau, Diego Garavaglia, Francesco Marcucci, Giacomo Zanetti, Luigi Suigio.

Head Coach: Michele Catalani

Last ANGT Finish: 7th place qualifying tournament in Varese 2022

Player to watch: Luigi Suigiois the only center on the Milan squad. Born in 20007 and now already nearly 6ft10


Roster: Wei Zhao (China), Leonardo Valesin (Italien), Illan Pietrus (Frankreich), Lucas Giovannetti (Italy), Esli Edigin (Ludwigsburg), Frederick Erichsen (Denmark), Renars Sondors (Latvia), Mohamed Diawara (France), Jakub Szumert (Polen), Ilay Dolinski (Israel), Riccardo Greppi (Italy, Josip Pavkovic (Croatia).

Head Coach: Petteri Koponen          

Player to watch: In this international invitation team from adidas, attention would be paid to the Danish player, Frederick Erichsen, born in 2006, who still plays for his home country. The 6ft7 winger was the fifth-best player in the U16 European Championship with 15.9 points per game. The team is coached by former FCBB guard Petteri Koponen, who ended his career after the European Championship and is now on the bench for the first time as a coach.


Roster: Dimitros Zervos, Dimitrios Athanasapoulos, Andreas Koustenis, Kanstantinos-Iason Georgiadis, Dionysios Toumazatos, Michail-Angelos Kallianiotis, Neoklis Avdalas, Christoos Stampoulis, Nikolaos Touliatos, Nikolaos Evangeliou, Lykourgos Vasilantonakis, Georgios Xoxakos, Alexandros Samontourov, Williams Ezeja, Evangelos Adamopoulos.

Head Coach: Ringas Nikolaos

Letztes Resultat: 8th place qualifying tournament in Varese 2022

Player to watch: Neoklis Avdalas, born in 2006, played already in 2020 at the ANGT in Varese (9.5 ppg) - and made his debut last season with six short appearances in the EuroLeague team in Athens.


Roster: Marko Rosic, Oliver Kullamaee, Jordan Müller, Jervis Scheffs, Felix Bolkart, Joel Cwik, Stefan Mihaylov, Pacome Dadiet, Luca Sarnowska, Benjamin Koppke, Guillaume Schöntgen, Niko Jerkic, Milo Murray, Kjell Baumann, Jonas Zilinskas, Eric Reibe.

Head Coach: Baldur Ragnarrson

Letztes Resultat: 6th place qualifying tournament in Varese 2022

Player to watch: 6ft2 guard Pacome Dadiet was already on the Adidas invitational team in 2022 (under coach Vasilios Spanoulis) and impressed with 16.1 points and 4.9 rebounds. The Frenchman just transferred to Ulm, where he scored 24 points in his first ProB appearance.


Roster: Aksel Laso, Kyllian Mychee, Egor Demin, Abel Delicado, Jan Vide, Asier Miguel, Hugo Gonzalez, Szymon Nowicki, Jesus Santano, Mitar Bosnjakovic, Ismaila Diagne, Massamba Diop, Amadou Traore, Sidi Gueye.

Head Coach: Javier Juarez

Letztes Resultat: Winner of the finals 2022 in Belgrade

Player to watch: Hugo Gonzalez is a Madrid native. The forward, born in 2006, was the top scorer in the finals against the USA (16 points) at the U17 World Cup with Spain and has also played for Real in the ACB.


Roster: Kristupas Kepezinskas, Mantas Laurencikas, Deividas Zukauskas, Jokubas Rudaitis, Mantas Juzenas, Vytautas Zygas, Armandas Bancevicius, Justas Stonkus, Augustas Navickas, Dovydas Buika, Kevinas Sacas, Nedas Raupelis, Dominykas Daubaris, Mantas Kocanas, Aleksas Bieliauskas, Avtandil Bakhtadze.

Head Coach: Vytautas Pliauga

Letztes Resultat: Finals Qualifying Tournament in Llubljana 2022 (61-60 loss against Real)

Player to watch: Avtandil Bakhtadze, the 6ft8 Georgian born in 2007, drew attention at the U16 European Championships last year averaging 8.6 rebounds per game.