Bayern visits a sold-out dome in Chemnitz

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A reunion with old friends: The Bayern basketball team has already played several games vs the Niners Chemnitz, such as in the playoff quarterfinals of the preseason (3-0), when they won against Chemnitz away from home for the first time ever. But this Sunday, Andrea Trinchieri's team not only hosts a familiar, always uncomfortable opponent, they also meet familiar faces.

In addition to Nelson Weidemann, who is on loan to Chemnitz for the second year, the Niners now have a second FCBB loan player in Jason George. 

Tuesday Top4 in the Audi Dome

The game starts at 18:00 on Sunday. Bayern's Top 4 dress rehearsal follows on Tuesday against the Towers from Hamburg in the Audi Dome (Feb. 14th, 19:00).

Tickets vs Hamburg

But first it's off to Chemnitz where Nelson continues his development. He is now 23 and plays an average of 20 minutes with 8.6 points and 2.6 assists. Jason, 21, who joined the team at the beginning of November, has played just under 14 minutes (3.6 ppg, 2.6 rpg).

Wimberg back with the Niners

The arena is sold out again with 4,800 fans for the game vs Bayern. The Saxons are currently sixth in the standings (10-7) and are anything but an underdog this time around against the FCBB (third place,13-5), who are challenged by EuroLeague play and injuries.

Quick passing and an aggressive defense continue to distinguish the well-balanced hosts. Top scorers are Hungarian Marko Filipovity (14.2 ppg), Arnas Velicka (11.2, 7.7 apg), Lithuanian Mindaugas Susinskas (10.7) and US guard Wes Clark (10.6), who was re-signed from Limoges.

5-4 overall record vs Chemnitz

In October, in the first game of BBL season, the FCBB won beat the Saxons 88-74 at the Audi Dome
In October, in the first game of BBL season, the FCBB won beat the Saxons 88-74 at the Audi Dome. (c) Eirich

Bayern most recently lost to Partizan (82-71) in the Euroleague despite the return of Obst after two months missed due to injury while Winston and Hunter (both back problems) were absent due to injury, in addition to the long-term issues with Lucic (since 10 weeks) and Harris (out at least until March).

In the first matchup on the third day of the Bundesliga, Chemnitz, then weakened by Corona, lost 88-74 at the Audi Dome. Of the nine duels so far, the FCBB has won five.