Rookie, Spartan, topscorer: Cassius Winston

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Money! OPEN COURT is back again - this time with Cassius "Cash" Winston, the Europe rookie and FCBB energizer at the point guard position. Cash has just turned (only) 25 and is experiencing his first adventure outside of the States: The EuroLeague, where he is the top scorer of the FCBB (11.0 ppg) just like in the BBL (15.0 ppg), with a perfectionist coach in Andrea Trinchieri at the sideline.

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We spoke to Cash about his tough and very warm relationship with Andrea ("he wants the best for me"), of course about his wild college days with Michigan State ("Spartan dawgs for life!") and about March Madness and his current favorites; also about his time in the NBA ("Once you get into the league it's a business") and his former heroes there: "Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billups!"

It also gets personal, when we talk about growing up in Detroit and the early death of his younger brother. A must-listen episode!

Behind the scenes from the podcast recording with Cassius "Cash" Winston.
Behind the scenes from the podcast recording with Cassius "Cash" Winston.

Check out Cash, have fun!

FCBB OPEN COURT is available regularly in long-distance format, as well as the snackable OPEN COURT UPDATES on current events in the BBL and EuroLeague. Check out the episodes via the FCBB homepage and on the following podcast plattforms.


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