National player Niklas Wimberg joins the FCBB

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The Bayern Basketball team is looking forward to an ambitious addition: national player Niklas Wimberg is moving to Munich as the 26-year-old power forward has signed a two-year contract with the five-time German champions until 2024. The native of Oldenburg played for Chemnitz  the past three seasons.        

The Olympian Wimberg, currently not on the national team squad, has already completed his first training sessions with  coach Emilio Kovacic and is looking forward to the new stage in Munich with anticipation: "I have always dreamed of and worked towards playing at the highest European level," says the winger, and continues: "The last three years have prepared me well for this and now I have the opportunity to be a part of something big in one of the strongest organizations in Europe. I'm really looking forward to this challenge and will continue to work hard to be able to take the next step."


Newcomer Wimberg with FCBB individual coach Emilio Kovacic

Olympic participation in 2021, playoffs with Chemnitz

Bayern sports director Daniele Baiesi says about Wimberg's transfer: "Niklas had two strong BBL years in Chemnitz, where he gained confidence in his game and talent. By the way, he was also excellent in the games against us and gave us a hard time with his offensive arsenal. All in all, he has proven that he deserves this challenge; especially since his ambition is unusually strong to want to compete at theEuroLeague level. We are very pleased that he has joined the FC Bayern family."

Jan Niklas Wimberg,( 6ft5), was part of the DBB team that qualified for the Olympics in 2021; he made two short appearances in Tokyo and a total of 14 appearances for the national team so far. Trained in Oldenburg's junior program, he made his professional debut at 18 with EWE Baskets in 2014 and received his first international appearances in the Fiba Champions League (2017). He then deliberately chose challenges in new surroundings: in the 2017/2018 season - together with current Bayern international Andreas Obst - with then Bundesliga team Gotha, and the following year in Bremerhaven before moving to second-division club Chemnitz.


"All in all, he has proven that he has earned this challenge; especially since his ambition is unusually strong to want to compete at the EuroLeague level."

FCBB GM Daniele Baiesi

Change from Chemnitz

With the Niners Chemnitz, Wimberg achieved promotion to the BBL (10.5 ppg), the following season secured a spot in the league (8.6 ppg, 4.7 rpg) and last season (6.4 ppg, 68% twos) a first-ever playoff appearance. Wimberg, out of action for months due to an elbow injury, returned to the team shortly before the playoff quarterfinal against Bayern (6.7 ppg), where Chemnitz lost 0:3, in the cup quarterfinal the Niners defeated the FCBB (85-80).

Niklas Wimberg - once "Rookie of the Year" in the junior national leagues JBBL and NBBL - went through the German selection teams from the U15 onwards and finished fourth with the U20 at the 2016 European Championships with a personal average of 9.1 points and 6.9 rebounds.


Already feeling at home in the Audi Dome: Jan Niklas Wimberg (Photo: Eirich)

NIKLAS WIMBERG (*11 February 1996, Oldenburg)

Forward/Power Forward – 6ft8 – 220 lbs

  • Until 2017: SG Weser-Ems/Oldenburger TB, EWE Baskets Oldenburg (ProB, BBL)
    2017 -2018: Oettinger Rockets (BBL)
    2018 - 2019: Eisbären Bremerhaven (BBL)  
    2019 - 2017: Niners Chemnitz (ProA, BBL)


  • Champion 2. Bundesliga ProB 2014, 2015
    BBL promotion 2020
    Participation U16-EM 2011, 2012
    Participation U18-EM 2013, 2014
    Place 4 U20-EM 2018
    5th place Universiade 2019 (A2)
    Olympic participation 2021
    "Rookie of the Year 2010" Youth National League (U16)
    Participation in the "Jordan Brand Classic International Game" 2012
    "Rookie of the Year 2013" Junior Bundesliga (U19)