Bayern basketball's new logo


FC Bayern Basketball has given itself a new look: Twelve years after the professionalization of the well respected basketball club of FC Bayern München (the club was originally founded in March 1946) the five-time German champion has renewed and developed its logo for the first time. This was initiated via a member survey.

The new club emblem is more modern, more elegant, simpler and therefore more contemporary for the digital age; it does without the playful ball that was previously included and reduces to the indispensable club logo of the largest club in number of members in the world, to a pure addition in written form: "Basketball".

"We are part of the Bayern family and with the updated logo we would like to underline our roots on the one hand via the globally known symbol of FC Bayern and on the other hand also visually document the development of a start-up into an established basketball club in Europe," commented FCBB Managing Director Marko Pesic on the relaunch.

Rejuvenated and more timeless in the digital modern era

Indeed, the new trademark comes as a logical consequence of a constant process of transformation that the FCBB has undergone over the past decade, both in sporting terms and as an economic organization. "The new, rejuvenated and at the same time more timeless logo is intended to do justice to our claim of innovation," says Head of Marketing Julian Glonnegger. "The revised logo dispenses entirely with decorative elements for a clearer design language with recognition value. As is so often the case, less is more."

Thanks to the reduced visual nature, a more flexible use of the logo across all touchpoints is also possible in the fast-paced digital world, he says. The specially designed typeface for the supplemented Basketball lettering is in the context of basketball culture and is intended to refer to the dynamics of the sport.

With the 2022/23 season starting on October 1, a decisive detail will thus change in the external presentation of Bayern Basketball. As early as August 8, the team will appear with the new graphic element on online platforms, social media networks, partner integrations and, last but not least, on the jersey of the EuroLeague quarterfinalist of the past two years.