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While Bayern toils in the preseason, Andreas Obst and Nick Weiler Babb will fight for glory again on Tuesday with the DBB team on national duty. Vladimir Lucic and Ognjen Jaramaz, on the other hand, flew unscheduled back to Belgrade with the Serbians on Monday. In the "Euro Diary" they report on the adventure at EuroBasket 2022 .

"We are committed to the German national team. To everyone's surprise, the team does not consist exclusively of players from Munich. And it's not at all annoying to root for players from Braunschweig, Bamberg or even Berlin. Really. They don't yet know the so-called 'Bayern Block' in basketball. That's okay.

We also have a relationship with the Serbian national team from time to time. It does not consist exclusively of players of Munich provenance, but the captain of the team and also the back-up of the good acquaintance Vaso Micic we know here also quite well.

And if everything wasn't deceiving on the TV screen, the Serbian national coach also has a certain relationship with Munich: He has been spotted wearing lederhosen at the Audi Dome.

So Luča, Jare and Sveti are out, knocked out in the round of 16, surprised by the Italians and probably a little surprised by themselves. That's sport.

Vladimir Lucic is out of the tournament with the Serbian team after ag 94-86 loss. (c) Matteo Marchi
Vladimir Lucic is out of the tournament with the Serbian team after ag 94-86 loss. (c) Matteo Marchi

What to do. Send emojis, Japanese: 絵文字, i.e. picture characters that mean something like 'head up'? Yes, of course you can do that. And there are indeed reactions of gratitude to this great invention of the mobile communications industry.

But does the newfangled form of condolence help when the sport has very cheekily disappointed the tournament favorites?

Luča says on the other end of the line that he didn't sleep after the game; they had been sitting together all night, discussing, puzzling. After that, he turned off his cell phone.

It will be all right, no one has died. And Munich is looking forward to seeing you.

Andreas Burkert is about to start his tenth season with Bayern and has been able to send emojis for a while now.

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