"German basketball has a bright future ahead"

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The first days of practice are over for the FC Bayern Basketball squad, and now FCBB head coach Pablo Laso also had a practice of sorts in the BMW Park: On Thursday morning, the Spaniard faced the Munich media for the first time in the preseason. Here are his key statements.

Pablo Laso on...

...the German team in the World Cup:

"I believe Germany is playing very well, they have a very good and balanced team. Expectations are high now, which is normal. They can beat almost anyone. But also Serbia, Spain, the USA, Canada, they all play well. But Germany is up there."

...German basketball:

"I think the German team still has a lot in the tank for the coming years, and good players are emerging. The U18 team, in which Ivan Kharchenkov played, performed very well at the European Championship (3rd place; editor's note) and all players still have room to develop. I believe German basketball has a bright future ahead."

...the first days of practice:

"The first sessions went very well. Besides Lucic, we have no injuries, and the young players, Ivan Kharchenkov, Martin Kalu, Nelson Weidemann, are doing a great job. It's normal that you need to gradually introduce your new ideas to the team. The friendly matches and tournaments will help us because we'll see the good and bad aspects, and then training will help us fix things."

Lots of attention for his first media talk: Pablo Laso

Lucic trains individually, Darden joins for preseason

... Preseason games:

"Preseason games are important, but it's not crucial to win them; instead, it's about playing well and doing the right things. If I focus on winning, it's more for the MagentaSport Cup because we're playing in front of our fans there."

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... the personnel situation:

"Lucic is feeling better. He will travel to Spain with us but won't play. He's currently training individually. We hope he'll rejoin team training by the end of September. The injury is healing well, but we don't want to rush anything. We know he needs time."

"I'm glad that Tremmell Darden is helping us for three weeks. We're still looking at the market, but if we look around too much, we lose our focus on working with the players we have."

... the style of basketball he wants to play:

"If you want to play fast-paced basketball with lots of running and dunks, you have to play defense, or else you won't get the ball. That's important to me: we need to play good defense, get the ball, and create good situations as quickly as possible. That will help us be our best version."

... the SAP Garden:

"The SAP Garden will be fantastic for our fans – those we already have and those who will join us because it's going to be a magnificent arena. It will help us grow. As a team, we need to provide the right push: for our fans, for our future fans, for the team, because it will be a big step and a significant change for us."

... about rituals:

"I've had one superstition since my first day as a coach: I don't wear a watch during games. Why should I be wondering and looking at the time during the game? It doesn't make sense; I don't have to go anywhere! That's why I don't wear a watch during games, only during practice."

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