Record start for Bavaria in the new season


At the start of the new season, the basketball team of FC Bayern Munich won going away with a final score of  111-55 against the Hamburg underdogs. It was the second biggest point disparity in the Bundesliga history behind only the Bavarian win of 111-53 two years ago against Braunschweig. The FCBB will start the new EuroLeague season against Armani Milan on Thursday, October 3rd (Day of German Unification, 20:30 CEST).

5,704 spectators in the Audi Dome experienced a clear Bavarian lead and a Bundesliga record right from the start: Never before has a team led by 41 points at halftime. The top scorer for the Munich team - with all players scoring - was Nihad Djedovic with 20 points.

Points per quarter Bayern - Hamburg: 23-7, 35-10, 34-17, 19-21.

FCBB Stats: Nihad Djedovic (20 points, 3/3 threes, 4 steals), Greg Monroe (18, 10 rebounds, 5 assists), Paul Zipser (17, 7 rebounds), Danilo Barthel (16, 6 rebounds), Petteri Koponen (11), Maodo L0 (8), Vladimir Lucic (6), DeMarcus Nelson (5), Leon Radosevic (4), Mathias Lessort (3), Diego Flaccadori (2) and Alex King (1)

FCBB head coach, Dejan Radonjic: "We played with a lot of energy over the entire 40 minutes and always kept focus. I liked that a lot. It was an important victory for us because we haven't had many training sessions with the whole team yet. Nevertheless, we acted very wisely today and I hope that we can also show that on Thursday in the EuroLeague."

Mike Taylor, head coach of Hamburg: "First of all congratulations to the home team. That was a clear and deserved victory, a lesson for us. But we remain positive. That was our first game in the BBL and we learned a lot today. Bavaria dominated us and our offense was not good enough today. But we will continue to work hard to prepare for the next game against the MBC."

1st quarter
Maodo Lo, Nihad Djedovic, Vladimir Lucic, Danilo Barthel and Greg Monroe formed the starting five for FCBB coach Dejan Radonjic. The champions were dominant from the beginning, especially Djedovic who found his shot early. Newcomer Monroe also showed why he was brought to Germany to play for Munich. In his first five minutes in the Bundesliga he got five rebounds - the same number of boards the guests had total. After a spectacular pass, Paul Zipser hit his first shot from outside and took a 19-4 lead for the home team. Another newcomer, DeMarcus Nelson, hit a shot at the buzzer and the lead was big after one, 23-7.

2nd quarter
The second quarter was also very one-sided. With a 16-0 run in four minutes, the champions made things clear early on (42-12). This run was only interrupted by two free throws by ex-Bavarian, Heiko Schaffartzik, before the Bavarians had another identical run. Again, it was Schaffartzik who scored for Hamburg and made it 58-17 at half time. Finals-MVP Djedovic scored 13 points in eleven minutes in the first half with a perfect shooting percentage from outside.

3rd quarter
Despite the highest break lead in BBL history, the Bavarians did not let up in any way and extended the lead further. Monroe, Zipser and Djedovic continued to be responsible for most of the scoring. The FCBB record player not only convinced on the offensive boards but also proved his nimbleness with four steals in the first 30 minutes.  After a phase with some free throws on both sides, Petteri Koponen and Barthel also rose to the ranks of double-digit scorers. Before the final quarter the lead was up to 58, 92-34 for the FCBB.

4th quarter
In the concluding quarter, the German champions switched down a few gears but offered the crowd a few more highlights with one or two beautiful moves, such as an Alley-Oop by Center Mathias Lessort from a Vladimir Lucic pass. The bronze medal winner from France also scored the final points for the Bavarians on the free-throw line -  his first points in the FCBB and the last player of the champions to appear on the scoreboard. The Bavarians narrowly missed their own BBL record with an impressive victory: In autumn 2017, they also scored 111 points against Braunschweig.

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Photo credits: Smokers, Stickel, Eirich