FCBB wins 86-78 and Delay grooves at party with 6,000 fans

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Nearly 6,000 spectators, a fiercely contested offensive duel and, to top it off, the performance of star guest Jan Delay - the fifth "Music meets Basketball" event in the Audi Dome was once again a terrific success. The Bayern basketball team defeated the MBC 86-78 on Wednesday evening and maintained second place in the BBL with 42-14 points.

Weiler-Babb made a celebrated home comeback after almost six weeks out while Jaramaz, Radosevic, Rubit, Walden and Zipser took a break. The top scorers of the EuroLeague quarterfinalists were Lucic (17), Thomas (14) and Hunter (10).

A great party atmosphere prevailed already in the 21st win of the season of the FCBB and good shooting and many forced turnovers set the tone early (27-18/12th). Weissenfels countered with nine threes before the break and closed the gap to 65-64 (31st) - before Lucic in particular settled the matter in his own style.

FC Bayern Basketball - Mitteldeutscher BC 86:78 (49:41)


Vladimir Lucic (17 points), Deshaun Thomas (14), Othello Hunter (10/6 Rebounds), Andreas Obst (9/3 Threes), Nihad Djedovic (8), Darrun Hilliard (8), Nick Weiler-Babb (7), Gavin Schilling (5), Zan Mark Sisko (5), Jason George (2), Marvin Ogunsipe (1) und Joshua Obiesie (dnp)

Top scorer MBC:

Jamel Morris (25 Points)


Christof Madinger, Steve Bittner, Stefan Fingerling



Points per quarter Bayern - MBC: 24-18, 25-23, 16-19, 21-18.

Stats: Two-point shooting: 48% (FCBB) // 65% (MBC); Three-point shooting: 38% // 46%; Free-throw shooting: 85% // 85%; Rebounds: 29 // 28; Assists: 17 // 17; Turnovers:   6 // 17.


FCBB head coach, Andrea Trinchieri: "Congratulations to MBC for a great shooting performance tonight. We won, but we didn't shine. We should be a little better on defense against their threes, but in the end we did our job."

Andreas Obst: "That was a tough one. The MBC came to the game with a really good attitude here - played hard, defended well, hit shots. It wasn't a foregone conclusion. I think at the end of the season it's like that in every game. For us, every game is about something now, and I'm glad we took the win. With Barcelona in mind, of course we're trying to take something from every game. But we now have another important game in Ludwigsburg, which is very important for the standings. But of course we're looking to move forward now in the final weeks of the season."

Igor Jovovic, head coach SYNTAINICS MBC: "It was a very competitive game. Congratulations to Bayern Munich on this home victory! I think we presented ourselves in the best possible way. We fought, gave everything in all aspects and were able to keep ourselves in the game for a long time. I'm proud of my boys. We should finish the season in this style. Of course, with victories against more equal opponents. Today it wasn't enough to take the two points. Because the quality on Bayern's side is unmistakable. But our performance today makes me very optimistic."

Game recap:

FCBB head coach Andrea Trinchieri relied on Nick Weiler-Babb, Nihad Djedovic, Vladimir Lucic, Deshaun Thomas and Gavin Schilling at the start. The atmosphere in the well-filled arena was great from the start, after 80 seconds Schilling was celebrated after he scored a rebound directly followed by a tip-in dunk (4-2/2nd minute of play). The game swung back and forth and ex-Bayern player, John Bryant, who received a very warm welcome in the Audi Dome, equalized at 6-6. The guests scored excellently and grabbed the lead several times, but Lucic and Thomas knew how to correct that with baskets of their own (13-12/6th). Entertainment and suspense were provided, but coach Trinchieri did not like that. At 17-17 he took a time-out (9th). The discussion worked and after ten minutes the favorites led by a 7-1 spurt 24-18.

A Hilliard three-pointer opened the second quarter (27-18/11th). The MBC kept scoring and Jamel Morris was successful again and again. Munich maintained the lead, but there was no talk of pulling away (33-27/14th). Returnee Weiler-Babb organized the game structure with control and a good eye, and youngster Jason George, who was put in the spotlight hit the resulting free throws to make it 35-27 (15th). Weiler-Babb, however, also had a good eye for the basket and a three-pointer took the lead to 38-30. Nihad Djedovic, who is steadily returning to his "old" form after a long injury break, sank a three-pointer for a double-digit lead (41-30/16th). Weissenfels played freely in view of the already prevented relegation and came closer again (44-39/19th), but Munich was on its guard and tightened up defensively  49-41 after the second quarter.

MBC closes in on the Bavarians

The fans, who were put in the mood by Jan Delay during the break, had to wait almost three minutes for Bayern's first basket - Schilling with a free throw to make it 50-44 (23rd). John Bryant had his say again and reduced the score to 50-47 (24.). The guests remained dangerous, but FCBB defended the lead. Coach Trinchieri was of course not satisfied with such a narrow 57-54 lead and took a time-out (26th). Obst prevented a worse situation with a three-pointer for a 62-57 lead (29th). After 30 minutes, Munich was only ahead 65-60.

Lucic takes over - eleven points from the captain in the last quarter

Things didn't work out for the Munich team to start the 4th and one-on-one situations with force were no solution. Weissenfels came within one point (65-64/32nd). The FCBB came to its senses and played out open threes with quick passes and Thomas and Obst hit them (71-66/33rd). At the back, more attention provided a brake for the offensively dangerous guests, the lead held (73-68/35th). A crashing alley-oop dunk by the duo Sisko-Lucic, who specialize in this, put the fans on their feet and Lucic immediately chased down another three-pointer and forced the MBC to call a time-out (78-70/36th). Player of the quarter was without any doubt Vladimir Lucic, who with his inimitable leadership and nine points in a row ensured the preliminary decision (80-70/37th). Deshaun Thomas put the finishing touches to the 21st BBL win of the season with a bucket 90 seconds before the end to make it 84-75.


(c) Eirich, FCBB, sampics & Stickel

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