Bayern runs out of energy in the final act


The final series for the 2022 BBL title is on and the Bayern basketball team is 0-1 behind: Head coach Andrea Trinchieri's team lost a hard-fought Game 1 at Alba Berlin 86-73. In front of about 10,500 fans, the Munich team was ahead 62-61 after three quarters, but had to pay tribute to the loss of strength in the final quarter (11-25). The chance to equalize exists in Tuesday's home game at the Audi Dome for the FCBB, who's top scorer was Andreas Obst (17).

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Game 2 on Tuesday at 19:00

After a brisk first quarter, Alba led 33-30 (14th) thanks to eight three-pointers and a slight advantage in rebounding, but Bayern ignored fatigue for a long time and stayed cool (40-35/18th). The chance was there in the third quarter for a bigger lead at 58-52 (27th). At this point Alba was dominating on the boards and Munich's concentration was waning, as could be seen from the ten turnovers after halftime. At 77-68 (37th), the resistance was broken.

Alba Berlin – FC Bayern Basketball 86:73 (40:43)


Andreas Obst (17 Points), Nick Weiler-Babb (10/6 Assists), Deshaun Thomas (9), Augustine Rubit (7), Othello Hunter (7), Leon Radosevic (6), Zan Mark Sisko (5), Nihad Djedovic (5), Vladimir Lucic (4), Jason George (3), Joshua Obiesie und Gavin Schilling.

Topscorer Berlin

Yovel Zoosman (14 Points)


Anne Panther, Gentian Cici, Zulfikar Oruzgani



Points per quarter Bayern - Berlin:  20-22, 23-18, 19-21, 11-25

Stats: Two-point shooting: 41 % (FCBB) // 64 % (Berlin); Three-point shooting: 48 % // 48 %; Free-throw shooting: 83 % // 71 %; Rebounds:  22 // 31; Assists: 16 // 23; Turnovers: 14//14


FCBB head coach, Andrea Trinchieri: "Congratulations to Alba, they were better in the last quarter and deserve the victory because they showed their best performance in the last seven minutes. (...) We played 48 hours ago and physically and mentally we had no energy left. We controlled the game well for 33, 34 minutes before we ran out of energy. However, I don't think we had a good game. We didn't control the rebounds and were really weak on defense. Alba hit 15 threes and that makes it almost impossible to win away from home. The other thing is that they were more physical than us and also adapted better to the interpretation of the rules. (...) But we certainly ran out of fuel, we now had three games in the last six days and had to travel. But despite these objective facts, I think we could and should have played better. We have a day off now to recharge and then prepare the best possible performance for Tuesday. (...) We got our butts kicked today, so we have to give the answer on the court."

Andreas Obst: "In the end, we gave the game away. We lost a lot of turnovers and allowed easy points for Alba. I didn't have the feeling that we lacked strength. We've been playing like that all season. We just have to be smarter in the head and play the game to the end. The goal for the second game? Win!"

Israel Gonzalez, Coach Berlin: "I think Koumadje changed the game a lot in the second half. His defense helped us win the game. It's 1-0 now, but we are playing against a very strong opponent. Bayern has maybe the best defense in the BBL and played a great EuroLeague season. They have been in very difficult situations many times and have the experience to solve them. In the next game, it will certainly be even more difficult for us. But we can also play even better and we will try to do that."

Game recap

As in the successful fifth game of the semifinal series against Bonn (87-74), Nick Weiler-Babb, Nihad Djedovic, Vladimir Lucic, Augustine Rubit and Leon Radosevic started. Already in the first minutes, what could potentially apply to the whole final series became apparent: A level duel. Augustine Rubit and Nick Weiler-Babb showed their qualities from the three-point line as did Luke Sikma and Jaleen Smith (8-8/ 5th minute). If there was any residual fatigue in Munich's bones, they knew how to conceal it well. Even though the Berliners started with their usual verve after their 17 BBL wins in a row, the guests kept the first quarter balanced (22-20 Berlin).

Topscorer for Bayern with 17 points: Andi Obst

Whatever Andrea Trinchieri had given his team for the second quarter, it had an immediate effect. Twice in a row, the defense was alert and stole the ball for easy points (25-22/12th). But it didn't take long for the Albatrosses to regain momentum and start a 6-0 run. Both teams could rely on their threes, which fell at over 50 percent (33-33/16th). Defensive specialist Weiler-Babb once again showed his versatility, handing out six assists in the first half. In a completely even game in which no team led by more than five points, Bayern secured a minimal advantage at the break (43-40) thanks to a deep three by Andi Obst.

Bayern leads 62-61 after 30 minutes

At the beginning of the second half it was Obst who took his hot hand and sank two more threes. With consistent post-ups, the guests now also increasingly managed to get into the zone, where Lucic and Thomas played to their advantage (58-52/25th). In return, the defending champions managed to provoke more turnovers and use them for quick switching to offense. But the main action on both sides remained shots from downtown. Therefore, both teams were denied any significant lead in the third quarter (62-61).

In the final quarter the finalists initially showed a slight nervousness. The first six attacks went nowhere until Weiler-Babb converted a step-back three-pointer. But Alba's answer was not long in coming and it was Christ Koumadje - timeout Trinchieri (65-65/33rd). The home side suddenly played as if in a frenzy and repeatedly scored from the fastbreak. After an 11-0 run, Trinchieri was forced to call timeout again (72-65/35th). A three-pointer by Leon Radosevic and Andi Obst stopped the ecstasy in the Mercedes-Benz Arena for a short time. But Lo, Sikma and Silva again pressed the high tempo and it ultimately secured the victory for Berlin (86-73).


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