85-80 Close but no cigar

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The Bayern Basketball team will not be able to defend their cup title: 42 hours after the EuroLeague duel in Monaco, Andrea Trinchieri's team showed great fight in the quarterfinals for the Top Four entry on the road at Niners Chemnitz, but lost 85-80. The guest lost control of a hectic game after the break and were seemingly hopelessly behind by 19 points after 30 minutes. They made a terrific comeback to 81-80, before falling short in the end.

Bayern doesn't have much time for frustration after their overnight return as the third Double Week in the EuroLeague is coming up with two home gamesf that have a lot of potential: On Tuesday evening, Fenerbahce Istanbul will be the guests at the Audi Dome, followed by Greek champion Panathinaikos Athens on Thursday (both at 20:30)


In Chemnitz the FCBB had pulled away to 32-21 after four threes from top scorer Andreas Obst (18), but Chemnitz kept the tempo high and made their shots. Shortly after the break, Trinchieri had to leave the court after two technical fouls. The confidence in the offense was gone in this phase and the Niners won the third quarter clearly 28-14 to take a 72-53 advantage - ultimately too big a deficit.

Niners Chemnitz - FC Bayern Basketball 85-80 (44:39)

Topscorer Chemnitz:

Darion Atkins (21 Points)


Andreas Obst (18 Points/6/8 3FG), Darrun Hilliard (14), Vladimir Lucic (14/6 Rebounds), Augustine Rubit (13/6 Rebounds), Othello Hunter (5), Corey Walden (5), Gavin Schilling (4), Nihad Djedovic (4), Nick Weiler-Babb (3), Jason George, Joshua Obiesie und Marvin Ogunsipe


Robert Lottermoser, Anne Panther, Steve Bittner



Points per quarter Bayern - Chemnitz: 26-21, 13-23, 14-28, 27-13

Stats: Two-point shooting: 35% (FCBB) // 69% (Chemnitz); Three-point shooting: 50% // 38%; Free-throw shooting: 64% // 77%; Rebounds:  30//34; Assists:  17//19; Turnovers:  8//14


Andrea Trinchieri: "Congratulations to Chemnitz, and this is a sincere congratulation. Sometimes you have to tell the truth. And the truth is that I feel very responsible for this defeat. For two reasons: I left my team alone, my nerves let my emotions boil over. I should not give the referee the chance to give me two technicals. That's my mistake, a big mistake. And secondly, I didn't prepare my team for such a big fight. These two things are on me." 


Andreas Obst: "The loss definitely hurts. The deficit was simply too big at times. To make up almost twenty points in one quarter is a feat in itself, and yet we almost managed it. It's annoying that we didn't manage it, but that's the way it is. I don't think we really had the game under control. In the first half we had a good start and played well. After that, we let up a bit and Chemnitz played themselves into a frenzy. They hit their shots and it made it hard for us to come back."

Rodrigo Pastore, Chefcoach Chemnitz: "It's a great win against an incredibly strong team from Munich, who came so close to us in the fourth quarter. Bayern has a great coach and the best players. But I'm proud of my guys, how we kept our cool and played with a lot of energy."

Game recap:

Corey Walden, Nihad Djedovic, Vladimir Lucic, Augustine Rubit and Gavin Schilling started in the do-or-die game. The FCBB initially showed no signs of fatigue due to the energy-sapping game in Monaco, as they held their own against the high tempo of Chemnitz. Schilling repeatedly gained good positions under the basket, while Rubit and Hilliard scored from distance. Led by their forward Darion Atkins, the Niners also got off to a good start (15-13 Chemnitz/ 6th Minute).  At the end of the first quarter it was showtime for Andi Obst, who hit two threes in a row. A dream play from Othello Hunter to Lucic capped a strong phase of the guests (26-21).

Not even a minute had passed in the second quarter when Rodrigo Pastore took a timeout after another three-pointer by Obst. But Chemnitz top scorer Darion Atkins had the suitable answer to the hot hand of the title defender (35-30/ 14.) and suddenly the home side got going and took the lead through Gerald Robinson - time-out Trinchieri (38-37/27.). In a heated phase, the Munich team kept creating second chances (eight offensive rebounds in the first half). But the decreasing scoring rate encouraged the hosts, who clearly won the second quarter 23-13.   

Rimac takes over for Trinchieri

At the beginning of the second half, the Munich team suffered a setback. Andrea Trinchieri was given two technical fouls and had to leave the hall while assistant coach Slaven Rimac took over. Isiaha Mike took advantage of the reorientation phase and brought the lead into double digits (55-43/24.). Pastore's team seemed to be doing everything now, while Lucic and Obst struggled to keep the run in check. But no matter if Nick Weiler-Babb or Othello Hunter were in tight defense, the Niners usually put the ball in the basket somehow and went into the final quarter with a clear lead (72-53).

Bayern start a crazy race to catch up

The FCBB came back on the court with a lot of intensity and braced themselves against the impending cup elimination. Offensively, a lot went through Hilliard and the free-throw line. After four minutes in the final quarter, ten points were erased from the Chemnitz lead (75-66). While the hosts began to brood, the Munich team continued unperturbed. Obst drilled another three-pointer and Rubit scored a fade-away 79-74 (38.minute). And then Lucic came and took over the game. Nine points in a row brought the defending champions to within one point (81-80/ 76 seconds left). But Bayern lost the ball in the next attack to take the lead, and shortly afterwards missed a defensive rebound. Atkins kept his nerve and sank a tough shot and after a missed shot by Hilliard, the Niners narrowly brought the game home at the line (85-80).



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