83-71 - Bayern defeats Efes Istanbul

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What for a nice surprise! FC Bayern's basketball players celebrated their seventh victory on the 14th EuroLeague gameday, in a high-class fight against the title holders Efes Istanbul, who are loaded with top stars. The Munich team shone for more than 40 minutes and triumphed 83-71.

Top scorers in the second game without Hillard (as well as Radosevic and Zipser) were Lucic, who got a double-double by grabbing twelve rebounds, Rubit and Thomas with 18 points each ahead of Hunter (10) as well as Jaramaz (9).

The score was 10-12 and 17:13 (6th) after a 10-4 start by the home team, and both teams got up to speed quickly - Bayern led 27-23 after a high-quality first quarter. Efes responded with intense defense, but FCBB worked against it and produced a 44-36 advantage (20th).

In the second half they increased the lead to 49-39 (23.)  and Efes kicked up their physicality and took the lead (56-55/26.). At 77-67 (37th), the coup was within reach - and then real after a final act dominated by 17-7 points.

For the FCBB it continues at full speed: The BBL rivalry game in Berlin is scheduled for Sunday at 18:00 (MagentaSport), before departure on Tuesday for the Double-Week with the first stop third-place Olympiakos (9:5).


FC Bayern Basketball - Anadolu Efes Istanbul 83:71 (44:38)


Augustine Rubit (18 Points), Vladimir Lucic (18), Deshaun Thomas (18), Othello Hunter (10), Ognjen Jaramaz (9), Corey Walden (6), Nick Weiler-Babb (4), Jason George, Andreas Obst, Zan Mark Sisko

Top scorer Efes

Shane Larkin, Rodrigue Beaubois (18 Points)


Damir Javor, Joseph Bissang, Daniel Hierrezuelo



Points per quarter Bayern - Efes: 27-23, 17-15, 22-26, 17-7.

Stats: Two-point shooting: 64 % (FCBB) // 58 % (Istanbul); Three-point shooting: 31% // 26%; Free-frow shooting: 87 % // 76 %; Rebounds: 34 // 28; Assists: 21 // 13; Turnovers: 11 // 8.


Andrea Trinchieri, headcoach FC Bayern Basketball: "This is really a great victory for us. We beat Efes, the European champion with so many talented players. Even when we connected well on defense, they hit tough shots; Beaubois was great. But we were able to produce a great team performance and our fourth quarter was incredible. (...) I know many coaches with ideas, but only the lucky ones have players who listen to them as well.  (...) We decided to play without a real point guard in the last quarter, in favor of defense - and we didn't suffer on offense. (...) I am very happy and I want to congratulate my players. When we were 0-4 and without players because of Covid and injuries, it looked like a really really high mountain in front of us. We haven't achieved anything now, won only seven games, but the feeling is that despite all the setbacks - without the best scorer, without other players of our backbone - the team is finding a balance. (...) Jaramaz took his chance, he was incredible in the fourth quarter on offense and defense. (...) It was a game of sacrifice and a game in which Jaramaz gave us an immense boost from the bench. (...) Ognjen needed a little time because he doesn't want to make mistakes. We gave him a few months. Now, without the hill he had to come up. He played great at both ends of the field and was a key player for us."                     

Ognjen Jaramaz: "This is a big win for us. We controlled the game most of the time, apart from a short phase in the second half, especially on defense. I am very happy with how we presented ourselves today. I am very happy with this victory. I'm also happy with my own play, especially in the second half. I also played decently in the first half, but just didn't score. But I think defensively I was quite good. In the second half, our offense created spaces for me, which allowed me to score some important baskets. Towards the Alba game, I can feel the atmosphere of the derby and feel how important this game against Berlin is for Bayern Munich. 

Vladimir Lucic: "This is a tremendous victory. Playing against the EuroLeague champions is always a great challenge for us. This is a great team and we try to enjoy games like this. I think we played really well. It was one of our smartest games this season on offense, but also on defense. We did exactly what we wanted to do and deserve this win. I'm happy, it was a good game."

Ergin Ataman, Chefcoach Anadolu Efes SK: "Bayern's big players combined for 46 points, with DeShaun Thomas and Augustine Rubit alone scoring a combined 36 points. We didn't find an answer to that with our bigs. We only stayed in the game thanks to the performances of Larkin and Beaubois. I wanted to emphasize again that Bayern is missing their best scorer in Hilliard. For Bayern this is a great win, for us this basketball we played today is embarrassing."

Game recap:
Corey Walden, Nick Weiler-Babb, Vladimir Lucic, Deshaun Thomas and Augustine Rubit were the starters for FCBB coach Andrea Trinchieri. Bayern started impressively well against the favorites from the Bosporus. The defense was solid, the shots were accurate - especially Walden who sank two threes right at the beginning (10-4/3rd minute). Tibor Pleiss was physically outstanding on the side of the Turks and put up seven points and had the guests in the lead (12-10/5th). The Munich team did not let themselves be particularly impressed and corrected this immediately. If fans had been present, they would have properly cheered Lucic's alley oop (17-13/6th). Bayern was fully focused offensively and maintained the lead, scoring a strong 27 points in the first quarter, Istanbul 23.

Istanbul came out of the quarter break with a tighter defense, time-out Trinchieri (29-28/13th). Hunter stopped Anadolu's 7-0 run (31-30/13th). Lucic once again played outstandingly and pulled his teammates along (37-34/16th). The Munich defense forced their opponent to make mistakes and made life difficult for the brilliant duo Larkin/Micic. A bucket by Weiler-Babb was of enormous importance because it relieved the pressure, time-out Anadolu (43-36/19th). Also remarkable was the reliability in rebounding as Istanbul managed only one offensive rebound in the first half. The FCBB was 44-38 ahead after 20 minutes.

Lucic with double-double after three quarters
Trinchieri called for even better defense from his team in the halftime break. Lucic led the way again right away with a three-pointer to make it 47-39 (21st). Thomas increased the lead to double digits for the first time (49-39/22nd) but the guests were annoyed by a decision of the referees and turned their displeasure into performance - in no time at all they worked their way up and with a 13-4 run into the lead (56-55/26th). But Bayern fought with all their passion and stayed in it with energetic scoring by Hunter (61-61/28th). Lucic converted two free throws for a 63-62 lead and then Jaramaz then hit a huge three-pointer for a 66-62 lead. After the third quarter the FCBB was 66-64 in front.

Jaramaz compensated for minor insecurities from the quarters before with a determined dunk over Larkin (68-64/32nd). Istanbul let the reins slip defensively and Thomas took advantage and hit a three-pointer to make it 71-66 (33rd). Munich defended with heart and mind, also in the attack they looked for the best option patiently and quickly. The guests were looking for the rhythm, but didn't hit anything  and the Bavarians grabbed the defensive rebounds. Istanbul remained without a basket for about four minutes and Jaramaz now had confidence (75-66/37th). Thomas burrowed through with his back to the basket and finished smoothly with his left hand (77-67/37th). Three minutes left on the clock and a double-digit lead but Istanbul was about to catch up (77-71/ 105 seconds left) when Jaramaz ignited the turbo and finished with a great basket (79-71/ 90 seconds left). The game was won, the upset perfect.

(C): Pahnke, Stickel, Eirich, FCBB

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