Despite a quick turnaround Bayern comes out on top

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Just 48 hours after the EuroLeague victory over Villeurbanne, the Bayern basketball team got the job done in the BBL in Weissenfels: head coach Andrea Trinchieri's team stepped up in front of 1,500 spectators and won 82-68 (47-40). The seventh win keeps the Munich team at the top of the standings.

The FCBB - without George, Hilliard, Lucic, Radosevic and Zipser as well as the resting Weiler-Babb - did not look fresh at the beginning and were down 9-2 In the second quarter. MBC stayed neck-and-neck via threes, but Thomas extended the lead to 47-40 via a buzzer beater. In the second half, FCBB increased the intensity (67-52/30th) and the minutes were distributed. Top scorers: Jaramaz (14), Thomas (13), Schilling (12 points/14 rebounds), Obst (11), Rubit (11) and Djedovic (10).

After the nearly five-hour return trip, Trinchieri & Co. don't have much time before the third game in five days: Monday night at the Audi Dome brings the first BBL duel with newcomer Heidelberg (4-5), who lost 96-80 to Goettingen on Saturday.

SYNTAINICS Mitteldeutscher BC – FC Bayern Basketball 68:82 (40:47)

Top scorer MBC:

Nikola Rebic, Kostja Mushidi, Johannes Richter (alle 13 Points)


Ognjen Jaramaz (14 Points), Deshaun Thomas (13), Gavin Schilling (12/14 Rebounds), Augustine Rubit (11), Andreas Obst (11), Nihad Djedovic (10), Othello Hunter (6/7 Rebounds), Zan Mark Sisko (5), Corey Walden, Marvin Ogunsipe und Joshua Obiese


Carsten Straube, Robert Lottermoser, Tamir Arik



Points per quarter Bayern - Wiessenfels: 20-23, 27-17, 20-12, 16-15

Stats: Two-point shooting: 50% (FCBB) // 52% (MBC); Three-point shooting: 33% // 36%; Free-frow shooting: 94% // 54%; Rebounds:  38//30; Assists:  14//19; Turnovers:  14//17


Andrea Trinchieri, headcoach FCBB: "This was a solid, respectable game from us. Gavin helped us a lot, grabbing 14 rebounds and giving us a chance to rotate in the big men. He was very good and we played smart overall. It's a good away win at a tough time in the schedule."

Andreas Obst: "I'm very pleased that we won. Especially because we had a hard-fought game the day before yesterday. We had a tough start today because MBC hit their shots. But we found the right answers and won the game clearly in the end, especially thanks to a good defense. We don't have that much time left now. Tomorrow we will already prepare for the next opponent. But that's part of it, we still want to win every game."

Nihad Djedovic: "We made a few mistakes in the beginning. But then we found our energy and controlled the game, did good things in the crucial situations and got the win in the end. Now it's time to shower and go home, then the next game is already coming. That's already tough and December will be tough again. The most important thing is to focus on the positive, get wins and stay healthy."

Game recap:

Zan Mark Sisko, Ognjen Jaramaz, Nihad Djedovic, Deshaun Thomas and Gavin Schilling formed the starting five and were directly confronted by red-hot hosts. In the first two minutes, MBC, led by fresh signing Kostja Mushidi, pushed the tempo and started with a 9-2 run. After Trinchieri's early timeout, Bayern finally arrived in Weißenfels and kept it tight for four minutes (10-9 from FCBB's point of view/7th minute). An even quarter developed, with Andi Obst firing up Munich's offense with two tough threes (23-20 Wiessenfels).

While Igor Jovovic's team were cold from the three-point line for the time being (5/14 in the first half), Trinchieri's team mostly focused on moving to the basket. Rubit, Hunter and Thomas did good work here together (30-29/15th). But the MBC knew again and again how to create uncontrolled phases in the game and turn them into points. With continuous effort, the guests got their grip back. A quick three-pointer by Thomas put the finishing touch on the first half (47-40) 

Gavin Schilling Double-Double

In the second half, the BBL leaders were no longer caught off guard. On the contrary, this time it was the MBC that could not hold out against the energy and conceded a 7-2 run (54-42/23rd).

Set-up man Nikola Rebic shouldered the growing burden and hit two threes in a row. But again it was the big guys with Rubit and Hunter who answered from mid-range. Coupled with solid defense (twelve points for the MBC), the visitors secured a double-digit lead after the third quarter (64-52).

The Munich team started the final quqarter with a quick five points, dampening hopes of a possible comeback. A nifty three-pointer by Sisko with the clock running out increased the lead to 20 points (74-54/33rd). When a shot missed, Schilling (14 rebounds) often gathered the offensive rebound and allowed second or even third chances. Chris Coffey provided another visual highlight with a block on an alley-oop from Sisko to Schilling. However, this did not change the clear seventh victory of the season for Bayern despite a slight lack of concentration (82-68).


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