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It was more exciting than the coach would have liked, but the fans pushed the boys to the finish line - and Lucic sent the fans home happy. The Bayern basketball team continues its winning streak in the league with a 73-72 win over Bamberg for their eighth victory in a row. The captain scored 1.2 seconds before the buzzer for the win.

Head coach Andrea Trinchieri's team struggled to summon the necessary energy for more than 40 minutes in front of almost 5,100 fans at the Audi Dome. D.J. Seeley (13), Zylan Cheatham, Isaac Bonga (11 each), Lucic and Cash Winston (both 10) were the top scorers for Bayern.

Wednesday vs Frankfurt 

Even without EuroLeague, Bayern has a game on Wednesday (19:00). The next BBL matchup will be a home game at the Audi Dome against Frankfurt, and on Sunday they travel to Crailsheim.

Tickets vs Frankfurt

Only five points after five minutes (12-5) and around 45 hours after the Kaunas game, the FCBB initially lacked any rhythm on offense. However, Trinchieri was rotating his players to keep legs fresh as Weiler-Babb and Jaramaz did not play and Zipser was in the starting five (and hit the first three-pointer) while Obst and Lucic came off the bench. Nevertheless, the hosts were too nonchalant in the first half, as can be seen from the ten turnovers.

1,2 Seconds before the end

Playoff contender Bamberg played well, were still ahead 72-68 with just over a minute to go and were up with 3.2 seconds on the clock at the last throw-in. The Munich team lacked strength and concentration for a long time - but then Lucic sent the team home happy.

FC Bayern Basketball - Brose Bamberg 73-72


D.J. Seeley (13 Points), Bonga (11/5 Rebounds), Cheatham (11/6), Winston (10), Lucic (10/4), Obst (7), Zipser (5), Walden (2), Giffey (2), Wimberg (2), Gillespie

Bamberg's top scorer

Bohacik (18 Points)


Clemens Fritz, Enrico Streit, Nermin Hodzic




Andrea Trinchieri: "First of all, I have a lot of sympathy for my friend Oren and I understand his feelings all too well. There are two faces of this game: on the one hand, we didn't play well enough to deserve the victory - we didn't deserve to win. On the other hand, the good news is that we won a game in which we were very bad; thanks to two very good plays at the end.

Of course, now you can focus on the turnovers, on the missed free throws. We didn't have enough concentration against a team that wanted to win here to get into the playoffs. We made a lot of mistakes and were too undisciplined to secure the win. But in the end we did what we had to do. (...) When we were down four, we had the alley-oop for Cheatham and then the last throw-in to win, those were two great plays. If we would have had more of those, we wouldn't have to steal that win from them. (...) Bamberg fought well, hit shots and Bohakic was a big problem, because he was more clever than all of us. (...)

We have had Lucic so rarely this year, he played only a third of our games. You can see his role and his importance in those games. I was sure he would score, because he missed all the same shots on Friday. It was clear that he would come back right away."

Vladimir Lucic: "It was a tough game. For four, five weeks we have always played back-to-back. It was an important game for Bamberg in the fight for the playoffs and they played very well today. Luckily we had that play at the end, the screen by Zylan was outstanding, I was in a position I like to shot from and that was it. To be a game winner is always nice for the confidence of course, also for me because I was injured for a long time. We have six games left now to prepare for the playoffs."            

Bamber coach, Oren Amiel: "Oh man, Lucic again. I know Bayern played just two days ago and that's tough for them. Still, to fight with such a team as we did, at such a level of basketball and with such physicality, that was good. We had a chance to win and now, of course, it's too emotional to analyze the game. We just need to get one more rebound and probably we would have stayed alive. But this is part of the game, congratulations to the coach for the win. Thanks and our guys, to the fans for being there and supporting us again on Sunday."

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