Harris’ comeback and an 89-78 loss

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The final home game of the regular season was not a successful one as The Bayern basketball team could not secure its 26th win of the season on Thursday with an 89-78 loss to Heidelberg. The top scorer for the third-placed team was Andi Obst with 16 points.

Both teams played an entertaining duel in front of 5,700 fans, but the incomplete Munich team had the clearly worse shooting percentage in the end. Elias Harris, however, made a welcome comeback after 13 weeks of injury.

Obst with 16 points

The regular season ends on Sunday in Oldenburg (18:00) and the playoff quarterfinals begin for Bayern with two home games at the Audi Dome: on Tuesday, May 16 (20:20), and on Ascension Day, May 18 at 18:00.


Against Heidelberg, Weiler-Babb and Gillespie were rested in preparation for the playoffs. Coach Trinchieri also sat out this time and let assistant Vertemati coach. They saw how the FCBB, despite a weakened team and against a hot opponent (7-3 in their last 10), improved after a 28-19 start.

After the break, however, the guest went on a 13-0 run at the start of the last quarter to take a decisive 81-64 lead (33rd).

FC Bayern Basketball – MLP Academics Heidelberg 89-78


Andreas Obst (15 Points/4 Assists), Zylan Cheatham (12), Isaac Bonga (12/ 7 Rebounds), Niels Giffey 97), Corey Walden (7), Cassius Winston (7), Ognjen Jaramaz (7), Elias Harris (6), D.J. Seeley (3), Paul Zipser, Mohamed Sillah und Niklas Wimberg

Heidelberg's top scorer

Eric Washington (29 Points)


Benjamin Barth, Dennis Sirowi, Alexandra Pawlik



Score per quarter Bayern - Heidelberg: 17-21, 25-23, 22-22, 14-23

Stast: Two-point shooting: 62% (FCBB) // 75% (Heidelberg); Three-point shooting: 28% // 38%; Free-throw shooting: 83% // 95%; Rebounds: 26//32; Assists: 14//19; Turnovers: 9//15


Andrea Trinchieri: "These games at the end of the regular season are won by the team that has the greater desire to win a game. We didn't have that desire today, so we didn't deserve a win."

Elias Harris: "For me personally the game was okay, I still have to shake off the rust a bit until the playoffs. I noticed that one or the other thing still feels a little stiff annd I am not fully in rhythm. But that's normal after a three-month break. I have to be patient and make the most of the next two weeks until things get going.

In general, something like today, in the last home game of the regular season, must not happen to us. It was not a good performance at all. We were always one step too slow, didn't defend well and Heidelberg could do what they wanted. We can't allow ourselves to do that. It must be our goal to close the game as soon as we sense a chance. We didn't do that and then Heidelberg played well. Our goal now has to be that we are all fit again for the start of the playoffs. The guys who were out for a long time have to use the game practice and overall look forward positively."

Joonas Iisalo: "I am very, very proud of my team! I don't think there were many people who believed we would win here. Especially when it's an away game. But we were very focused, were always in the game and had a clear gameplan. We executed that to perfection today."

Game recap:

The guests from Heidelberg were on fire to start the game and used turnovers from Bayern for a good start (12-6/5th minute). Munich's lethargy dissolved a little when the sorely missed Elias Harris made his appearance. With his physique and a fine shooting the long-term injury victim inserted himself directly into the action. With the support of a strong 5,600 fans, the FCBB slowly came close at the end of the first quarter - 21-17.  

The home side also needed around three minutes to get going in the second quarter. Then Niels Giffey interrupted the solo show of Heidelberg's top scorer Eric Washington (18 points/5 assists in 14 minutes) with a three-pointer. Shortly after, Munich's forward followed up from downtown. The twelfth-placed team in the standings showed that the playoffs are still within reach with a win and with a lot of effort, the Academics found their way to the basket again and again (35-35/17th). But with more intensity on defense, Bayern forced a few turnovers that ended up as fast-break points. However, Washington had the last word at the break, securing a narrow lead with his three free throws (44-42).

Heidelberg lets the threes rain down as Bayern attacks the paint

In the second half, both teams noticeably increased the tempo and looked for early finishes at the rim. As has been the case throughout the season, Heidelberg relied on the three ball and to good effect (57-51/24th). Bayern struggled on offense and were forced to take a time-out to try to get things jump-started. Cheatham understood immediately and attacked the zone successfully again and again. But Joonas Iisalo's team stood up to the physical play and remained just ahead - 66-64.

The guests started the final quarter as the hotter team yet again and Center Vincent Kesteloot blocked Niklas Wimberg for a basket and Elias Lasisi drilled a three - timeout Vertemati (72-64/32nd). Heidelberg jumped to a big lead with a 13-0 run and the game, which had been close for so long, suddenly threatened to slip away completely from the FCBB. Two baskets by Obst showed signs of life again after four scoreless minutes - 81-70. But the guests were able to rely on their star of the game, Washington. Every shot, no matter how wild, now seemed to somehow fall for Heidelberg. No matter how the Munich team fought back, the playoff aspirants could not be denied victory and left the Audi Dome with the upset, 89-78.

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