Bayern faces Goettingen in the playoffs

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The die is cast: The Bayern basketball team will face Goettingen, which lost 88-82 at home to the soon-to-be-relegated Frankfurt on the final game of the season and finished in sixth place and thus will face the FCBB.

The best-of-five series (2-2-1) begins with two home games at the Audi Dome on May 16 and 18 (20:30 and 18:00 respectively). For their part, the Munich team, listed third in the standings for weeks, lost the final game at fourth-place Oldenburg 88-76.

Playoff-Tickets are still available!

Goettingen will be Bayern's opponent
Goettingen will be Bayern's opponent (c) Eirich

Kharchenkov/Wulff with 18 Points

Besides coach Trinchieri (family reasons) and the long injured players, Weiler-Babb, Obst and Gillespie were also absent in order to get extra rest but the youngsters Kharchenkov, 16, and Wulff, 19 played in the repeat of the Cup finals where the FCBB was unable to close the game out despite some good play throughout.

Teenagers Kharchenkov and Wulff combined for 40 minutes and 18 points.

EWE Baskets Oldenburg – FC Bayern Basketball 88-76


Walden (13 Points), Kharchenkov (13/3 Assists), Cheatham (12/4 Rebounds/5 Steals), Jaramaz (10), Winston (8), Zipser (6), Wulff (5), Giffey (4), Harris (3), Bonga (2), Seeley, Wimberg

Oldenburg's top scorer

D. Russell (37 Points)


Robert Lottermoser, Gentian Cici, Benedikt Loder



Score per quarter Bayern - Oldenburg: 12-22, 19-21, 16-25, 29-20

Stats: Two-point shooting: 50% (FCBB) // 41% (Oldenburg); Three-point shooting: 36% // 50%; Free-throw shooting: 85% // 81%; Rebounds: 31 // 40; Assists: 17 // 16; Turnovers: 12 // 13


Adriano Vertemati: "Congratulations to Oldenburg. We couldn't get a handle on Dewayne Russell today. He played a great game. We, on the other hand, missed open shots. Our plan was to spread the load evenly, let the youngsters play, give Elias Harris minutes after his injury, we did all that. But we played without real fire, unfortunately, because the game no longer had any impact on our ranking. But still, we should always give our best - but today we didn't do that."

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