Third game third win for Bayern 88-74

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Bayern Basketball's first packed week of three games ends with its second BBL success: The Munich-based team defeated the Niners from Chemnitz, who were as tough as ever, 88-74 after a good offensive performance and remain undefeated after three games. A 14-0 spurt at the start of the second quarter was the basis of victory for the FCBB in front of 3,500 fans, whose top scorer was Augustine Rubit (22 points).

Head coach Trinchieri had to miss the game due to a persistent cold, as did George; in addition, Harris (adductors) and Bonga (individual training) continued to be absent. The next tricky week now awaits the Munich team: on Thursday, they have to play EuroCup winners Virtus Bologna in the second EuroLeague gameday, and on Sunday (18:00., MagentaSport) they have to play Bamberg in the first do-or-die clash of the Cup round of 16.


The Niners held their own offensively after a Munich 18-9 start (7th), but then remained without points for seven minutes (61-49) against an improved defense. At 82-62, the duel was decided (35th) in favor of FCBB, which hit 15 three-pointers in the game.

FC Bayern Basketball – Niners Chemnitz 88-74


Augustine Rubit (22 Points/9 Rebounds), Vladimir Lucic (16 Punkte), Nick Weiler-Babb (13 Punkte/7 Assists), Corey Walden (12 Points/4 threes), Cassius Winston (9 Points), Andreas Obst (9/3 Threes), Freddie Gillespie (4 Punkte/9 Rebounds), Niklas Wimberg (3 Points), Zan Mark Sisko, Paul Zipser, Mohamed Sillah und Martin Kalu

Top scorer Chemnitz:

Marko Filipovity (29 Points)


Moritz Reiter, Armin Mutapcic, Benedikt Loder



Points per quarter Bayern - Chemnitz: 28-22, 19-27, 20-8, 21-17

Stats: Two-point shooting: 54 % (FCBB) // 52 % (Chemnitz); Three-point shooting: 48 % // 34 %; Free-throw shooting: 65 % // 80 %; Rebounds: 34 // 28; Assists: 22 // 20; Turnovers: 14 // 15


FCBB Assistant coach, Adriano Vertemati: "I think we completely changed our defensive approach in the second half. The players did a great job, especially in the third quarter when they prevented any basket for about seven minutes. We talked exclusively at halftime about defense and improving our pick-and-roll defense because we were conceding shots in every way possible in the first half. So we had to respond to that. (...) Gillespie, in particular, gave us a very good presence. Now we look ahead to play in the EuroLeague again on Thursday, then again with Andrea. (...) I hope that in Bologna we will have our head coach on the bench again and play a better game."                    

Augustine Rubit: "Chemnitz had baskets without pressure and open shots in the first half. They were very fast on offense and we didn't adjust. Then we adjusted the game plan and they couldn't score anymore given the adjusted defensive system. I think that was the best performance from us so far this season. We had some good games in the preparation, but with the beginning of the season we played a bit slow. Today was much better. It's important for us because we reacted in the right way today. Hopefully we can keep that up and continue to improve."

Chemnitz coach, Rodrigo Pastore: "Get well soon as well as a speedy recovery to Andrea! It's always nice to meet him and talk basketball with him. I want to congratulate Bayern, but at the same time I want to congratulate my team. I think in the first half we played good basketball. It was obvious that we then ran out of breath. Munich was able to capitalize on our lack of conditioning in the third quarter. No timeouts or quick changes could bring us back into the game. In the first 20 minutes we played the basketball we want to play and hopefully now we can get in shape to play that style for 40 minutes."

Game recap:

Adriano Vertemati, who replaced Trinchieri on sideline, started Zan Mark Sisko, Corey Walden, Vladimir Lucic, Niklas Wimberg and Freddie Gillespie. Bayern started the game very well as Walden sank two threes in the first minute of the game to make it 6-0. Nelson Weidemann from Chemnitz, on loan from FCBB, energetically contributed five points in a row to cut it to 8-7 (4th). The Munich team intensified its defense and closed quickly up front, resulting in an 11-2 run and the Niners took a timeout (18-9/6th). The guests, who beat Munich three times last season, answered with a 7-0 run (18-16/8th). Lucic played a strong first quarter with eight points, which FCBB won 28-22.

Marko Filipovity on the Niners' side was hardly to be stopped to start the quarter but Rubit scored as well (31-27/12th). Bayern scored well, but so did Chemnitz - a three-pointer from Weiler-Babb brought a small lead for Bayern 39-34 (15th). Bayern had trouble with the agile offense of the guests, who grabbed the lead (41-39 (16th). Rubit came back from the bench and contributed with points right away to change the lead again (46-44/18th). The Chemnitz team earned free throw after free throw through aggressive plays at the basket and presented the Munich team with considerable problems. The fans in the Audi Dome rubbed their eyes in amazement as the Saxons went into halftime with a lead - 49-47.

FCBB defense allows 14-0 run

The lead changed directly with the first bucket in the second half - Weiler-Babb's three-pointer to make it 50-49 (22nd). The Munich team had probably discussed the defense in need of improvement during halftime, because the offensive life of the Chemnitzers was now not only made difficult but the attacks of the guests were completely shutdown. The Bavarians stormed past the Niners with a thrilling 14-0 run a change that was accepted well by the Bayern fans. Freddie Gillespie convinced under the boards with passionate effort and resulting rebounds. Chemnitz got back on track but FCBB responded with threes from Wimberg and Walden (67-56/30th). After the third quarter, the Munich team was in the lead 67-57.

Top scorers Rubit and Weiler-Babb

Chemnitz built up rhythm and Obst's three-pointer made it 74-62 (33rd) was an important reaction. The Munich defense remained alert and focused, another Obst three-pointer and one from Weiler-Babb completed an 8-0 run and ensured the preliminary decision with a 20-point lead. The Niners were running out of steam so the FCBB ran the ball quickly, took time off the clock and successfully closed out the game. The game was decided and the young talents Martin Kalu and Mohamed Sillah received valuable playing time. The fans rose and celebrated the third victory.


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