81-78 Bayern loses a close one in Hamburg

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The chance to win was there again but as had already happened this week, a few millimeters were missing: The Bayern Basketball team, weakened by injuries lost in front of a sold-out crowd in Hamburg just 48 hours after the drama in Milan. After a spirited fight, Andrea Trinchieri's short rotation lost to the Towers 81-78. For the FCBB, who again had to do without Bonga, George, Harris, Rubit, Hunter and Sisko, it was the first BBL defeat after three straight wins.

Given the numerous absences, head coach Trinchieri called up youngsters Sillah (short stint) and Wulff from the second team into the squad for the fourth game of the week. In the first quarter (25-13 Hamburg), fatigue was clear. After six turnovers in this section, however, top scorer Winston (25) organized the the team on both sides and allowed only seven more points before the break. The US guard took a contested shot to win at the end of regulation and then in the hectic overtime the last three-pointer by Obst missed for the FCBB which had fought with its last energy.

The Bavarians have now earned a few days' rest: they are not due back in the EuroLeague until next Friday, when they play at Red Star Belgrade; their next home appearance is the Sunday after next (Oct. 30, 15:00) at the Halloween family game in the Audi Dome against Crailsheim.


Veolia Towers Hamburg – FC Bayern Basketball 81-78


Cassius Winston (25/4 Rebounds), Vladimir Lucic (14/7 Rebounds), Freddie Gillespie (11/10 Rebounds), Andreas Obst (10), Niklas Wimberg (7), Ognjen Jaramaz (10), Paul Zipser (3), Nick Weiler-Babb (2), Corey Walden (2), Mohamed Sillah, Julius Wulff.

Top scorer Hamburg

McCullum (31)


3,400 (sell-out)

Points per quarter Bayern - Hamburg: 13-25, 24-17, 13-24, 19-13/9-12

Stats - Two-point shooting: 45 % (FCBB) // 53 % (Hamburg); Three-point shooting: 26 % // 23 %; Free-throw shooting: 74 % // 69 %; Rebounds: 44 // 46; Assists: 16 // 14; Turnovers: 17 // 16


Andrea Trinchieri: "I think we had a solid performance. We had a very tough game 48 hours ago. We started slow here, then had a great second quarter, again a very bad third, a good fourth and loss after overtime. To be honest with my opinion, considering all the circumstances, it would have taken some better performances on our end to split the minutes better. But what I really have my problems with accepting it is the different treatment. I received a technical foul in the first quarter for stepping on the court. And my bench got a technical foul in overtime because we were standing - I saw the exact same things on the other side, exactly. I understand it's a game of mistakes - foul, no foul - but the red car was able to go on a red light here, but the green car wasn't. That's a problem because you don't know how to act anymore."

Vladimir Lucic: "We fight hard there and play this format in the EuroLeague, so there is no room for excuses here. They were more physical today, we couldn't find solutions in pick-and-roll defense and offensively we didn't find enough ways to score. Still, we had chances to win in regulation but also in overtime. But Hamburg deserved the win. Nobody likes to lose, and in such a schedule you get up easier in the morning with a better feeling after a win; you also recover better then. Now we're on a little bit of a losing streak. We have to come out of this as a team."

Game recap:

The Munich guards lost the ball at the center line in the beginning and allowed the Hamburg team to score easily. By comparison, in the 40 intense minutes against Milan (83-81), Bayern had a total of only nine turnovers. The hosts pulled away to 16-6 (7th), but the picture changed at the start of the second quarter when playmaker Cash Winston scored and led a quick 9-0 run. The confident Niklas Wimberg cut the deficit to 30-29 (17th). A three-pointer by Andi Obst brought the lead back shortly afterwards, Wimberg from distance increased it to 35-30 (19th).

Top scorer Winston misses late

The second half again saw some Munich careless mistakes while on the other side McCullum scored too easily in the zone (49-42/27th). Because the offense moved the ball badly, Hamburg suddenly led again big 56-46 (29th). The Munich team was visibly suffering from the overexertion of the long week, but they fought their way back to 56-55 with small steps and another 9-0 run (34th). Winston, who played with four fouls for a long time, hit a three-pointer for a 58-57 lead, which Lucic and Weiler-Babb extended to 61-57 at the line.

Hamburg went into thelast 60 seconds with a 65-63 lead. In the last seconds a three-pointer by Winston put Munich again in front but then Hamburg scored and Lucic drilled a three to tie it up and send it to overtime.

In overtime, Gillespie conceded his fifth foul  (75-71). Lucic hit a big shot 53 seconds before the end, to make it 77-76 and also got hit the face. After no whistle for what looked like a foul the Munich team got a T for arguing the no-call. Hamburg hit three more free throws and are now 3 for 3 in their last home games vs Bayern.

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