Obst, Zipser & Co. shoot Bayern into the Top Four

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The Bayern Basketball team is in the Top Four for the German Cup, which is scheduled for February after a victory in front of 5,600 fans in the Audi Dome. The Munich based team won the quarterfinal against Bayreuth safely 80-63  despite personnel shortages. A dominant second quarter (34-16) provided early security for the FCBB, whose top scorers were Andreas Obst (16) and Paul Zipser (14).

For the FCBB it is the seventh participation in the final tournament after 2013, 2014, 2016 (host), 2017, 2018 and 2021 (A) in their twelfth BBL season; they have held the national cup trophy three times so far (1968, 2018, 2021).

Tuesday vs Oldenburg

Head coach Trinchieri had ten players available just 43 hours after the EuroLeague victory over Tel Aviv (98-89): Giffey (flu), Lucic (elbow), Rubit (groin) and Harris (ankle) were not fit for action. Their participation is also uncertain for Tuesday evening (20:30), when Oldenburg plays the BBL in a top game in the Audi Dome.

After a first quarter (13-14) with only one Munich basket and six turnovers Bayern got into the game  via rebounds (total: 44-21). As in the point game (81-68), however, the Franconians never gave up.


FC Bayern Basketball - medi bayreuth 80-63 (47-30)


Andreas Obst (16 Points), Paul Zipser (14), Cassis Winston (11), Ognjen Jaramaz (11), Freddie Gillespie (8/8 Rebounds), Nick Weiler-Babb (7/5 Rebounds), Isaac Bonga (6/8 Rebounds/4 Assists), Othello Hunter (5), Corey Walden (2/4 Assists), Niklas Wimberg.

Top scorer Bayreuth:

Jackson Rowe (18 Points)


Benjamin Barth, Moritz Reiter, Clemens Fritz



Points per quarter Bayern - Bayreuth: 13-14, 34-16, 13-14, 20-19

Stats: Two-point shooting: 59% (FCBB) // 44% (Bayreuth); Three-point shooting: 37% // 25%; Free-throw shooting: 91% // 76%; Rebounds:  45//20; Assists:  19//6; Turnovers:  18//9


Andrea Trinchieri: "The first goal of the season is in the bag, despite some adversity we got the job done. This Top Four will be one at the highest level in recent years, the best teams will be there. Today we were excellent on defense in the first quarter, we just couldn't find an offensive rhythm. It was like so many times: you come from a 100-point game against Maccabi - a few hours later all your shots don't fall.  We had a solid defense and deserved to win, even if 18 turnovers speak for some sluggishness. But I'm not going to shoot against my players. We had four wingers out today in a not easy moment and for similar positions at the same time; that can already affect a team. We did our job well, that's why I'm satisfied with the game. (...) We will see if one of the missing players can slowly return. (...) Whoever comes back - I'll take him! (...) We are not at our potential yet, but we are on the right way. (...) There is still a lot of time to develop our maximum potential." 

Paul Zipser: "I was already ready the last game and the last week in training, so a game like today does double good. (...) We have a deep squad. No matter which people are on it, we can keep up against anyone and win. You could see that clearly in the first half today. Then we let it slip a bit, which is exactly what we didn't want. (...) But we said beforehand that it's a do-or-die game, we just have to win that and qualify for the next round, no matter how. (...) We haven't been able to get a real rhythm as a team because of some issues. It's hard when there are always a few guys out; one time some are sick, then others are injured again. But it feels better and better now. We're starting to get more automatic and I'm feeling better and better, too."

Bayreuth Coach, Lars Masell: "Congratulations to FC Bayern and the whole team around the coaching staff. Our problem today was the rebounding and scoring against the physicality. There we had too few players who go in aggressively against this defense, we need more. Defensively, except for the second quarter, we actually did a good job. We tried something, but Bayern hit tough shots and punished us for the few centimeters we had. All in all, though, no reason to hang our heads."

Game recap:

For the cup quarterfinal, Ognjen Jaramaz, Andreas Obst, Paul Zipser, Isaac Bonga and Freddie Gillespie were in the starting five. Bayern started the game with a lot of momentum. To stop Bonga and Jaramaz on their way to the basket, Bayreuth had to use up their five team fouls already in the first four minutes. But the guests also found their offense, led by their top scorer Brandon Childress (12-9 for Bayreuth/5th). Suddenly, the rhythm on both sides stalled. Although the Munich team made open shots, they only hit the basket once from the field in the first quarter (shooting percentage: 11 percent). With ten of ten free throws hit, the home side worked hard to earn their points (14-13/10th).

Nick Weiler-Babb sunk an open three-pointer after a few seconds in the second quarter. Jaramaz followed up with a sweet move to the basket. After Childress was increasingly thwarted on the opposite side, Jackson Rowe took over for the Upper Franconians. Three times the forward completed a three-point play - time-out Trinchieri (27-26/15th). Whatever the head coach gave his players had an immediate effect. The favorite no longer allowed an easy shot and got going through the dominant defense. Bonga directed the fast attacks and found both Gillespie and Winston. At the same time, the team's rate of 19 free throws in the first half remained at 100 percent. With a 20-4 run, the home side went into the break with a clear lead (47-30).

Andreas Obst was the top scorer for Bayern at the end with 16 points
Andreas Obst was the top scorer for Bayern at the end with 16 points (Photo: Eirich)

Bayreuth comes out of the break with pace, Bayern finds the right answer

In the second half Bayreuth tried to reduce the deficit as quickly as possible with three quick threes. However, with three missed shots the guests were unable to take the 2021 Cup winners by surprise. After a quick timeout by head coach Lars Masell, the guests resumed their physical defense. Coupled with carelessness from Bayern, the guests got back into the game. Again, it was a Trinchieri timeout that had an effect. Sloppy play became concentrated attacks, which Paul Zipser completed from downtown (59-41/27th). As in the first quarter, both sides struggled. Accordingly, the final quarter was low-scoring (60-44).

Munich loanee Sasha Grant got to the basket and drew a foul as Childress also tried to rebel against the impending end. In total, the Upper Franconians forced 18 turnovers and came back to within nine points (65-56/36th). A monster block and the subsequent points by Gillespie came just at the right time. The clock was now ticking in favor of the BBL leaders. Increasingly hectic finishes by the guests were answered by Hunter and Jaramaz (72-60/38th). Shortly before the end, Andi Obst put the lid on it with two free threes from the corner - 80-63.

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