The Bayern squad for the ANGT 2020 in Munich

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The elaborate preparations are complete - on Friday morning the "adidas Next Generation Tournament" will start its third edition in Munich.

After the introduction of the guest teams (LINK) we will now introduce the hosts of FC Bayern Basketball.

Once again, the Munich U18 team will be strengthened for this tournament with five guest players: Leif Moeller, Linus Hofmann (both Hamburg/Wedel), Filip Skubalj (Rostock), Alexander Richardson (Karlsruhe) and Simonas Lukosius (Bonn/Rhoendorf). Coach Andreas Wagner is the head coach for the U18 squad. 

"Our thanks go to the coaches and management of Rostock, Bonn/Rhöndorf, Karlsruhe and Hamburg/Wedel, who have made it possible for their players to train with our team in Munich for the entire week. Compensating for our numerous injuries," said junior coordinator Jan Schmidt-Bäse.

#3 - Maxwell Dongmo Temoka (SF/2003/1.98 m - 6ft7): German Youth Basketball Bundesliga (JBBL) champion in 2019. In this year's NBBL season he has been dominant on the boards with 6.3 rebounds per game.

#4 - Sasha Grant (SG/2002/1.98 m - 6ft5): The most experienced player in the FCBB squad, he has already played for the professional team in the BBL and Euroleague this season and has an average of 23.7 points per game in the NBBL. He will be in the ANGT for the third year in a row and has already played 14 games at this level.

#5 - Benjamin Schroeder (SG/2003/1.94 m - 6ft3): Also became U16 champion last season and was voted Top4 MVP. He participated for Germany in the U16 European Championship in Italy this summer and averages 11.83 points per game in the current NBBL season. 

#6 - Luis Wulff (PG/2004/1.97  - 6ft5 ): One of the youngest players in the FCBB squad he is still not inferior to his fellow players in terms of international experience. The German national player also took part in the U16 European Championship this summer.

#7 - Sebastian Hartmann (PG/2004/1.91 m - 6ft3): He plays as a U16 player in both the NBBL and the JBBL. In the latter league this season he has an average of 17.7 points per game which is impressive for his age. Hectic is a foreign word for him and he impresses with his calm handling of the ball.

#8 - Simonas Lukosius (PG/2002/1.88 m - 6ft4): One of the five guest players, he is certainly distinguished by his fine shooting form. An absolute sharpshooter who comes from the Lithuanian basketball school. In his first year in Germany he is already gaining experience in the U19 and in the 1st Regionalliga West.

#9 - Leif Moeller (SG/2003/1,90 m - 6ft2): He is a guest player from Hamburg who will participate in the ANGT for the first time but is the NBBL-topscorer for his team (15.5 ppg). A player with a lot of wit and without fear of playing against physically stronger opponents. 

#10 - Linus Hoffmann (SF/2002/1,98 m - 6ft5): Also from the Hamburg Towers, he is an all-rounder through and through. He convinces every minute he stands on the cour with his commitment. Rebounding is especially close to his heart.

#11 - Filip Skubalj (F/2002/2,02 m - 6ft6): He is a Serbian U18 international who comes from Rostock and is on the ProA squad there. He will be an all-purpose weapon in the FCBB squad. At the preparation tournament in Croatia he scored 16.3 points per game and was thus the top scorer for Bayern.

#12 - Michael Rataj (SF/2003/1.94 m - 6ft5): Became German Champion last season in the U16 and this season he is laying down an average of 8.5 points and 6.8 rebounds per game for the U19. Playing together with Luis Wulff and Benjamin Schroeder at the U16 European Championship in the German national jersey is also on his resume.

#13 - Marco Frank (SF/2003/1,98 m - 6ft5): He was injured all of last season and worked his way back into the team with enormous willpower and numerous extra shifts in training. He has proven his athleticism from the dunking competition in Split. Where he won a "good" second place there.

#14 - Alexander Richardson (C/2003/2,02 m - 6ft6): He travels as a guest player from SSC Karlsruhe to the ANGT in Munich. He has already been on the court together with some of his fellow players at the U16 European Championship.

#15 - Mohamed Sillah (C/2002/2.04 m 6ft7): He will participate in the ANGT for the second time after 2019, where he cored an average of 5.3 points with 7.3 rebounds per game. He is a German U19 champion 2019 from Sierra Leone. He averages ten points and 10.6 rebounds in the NBBL - even though he has only been playing basketball for just under three years!

#16 - Christian Skladanowski (SF/2004/1.93 m 6ft3): His father is as wide as a cupboard and has hands as big as frying pans. The son is a real FCBB-own-born, with an outstanding athleticism for his age.

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