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As a member, you are an important part of the large FC Bayern family and thus a mainstay of the entire club. What would FC Bayern be without its members?
For this very reason, we would like to reward your support with the following benefits:

At the start of your membership we will send you a welcome gift consisting of a personalised scarf and a member's badge.

At the beginning of each season, you will receive a newly designed membership card with your name, date of birth and current membership number. This changes annually, because the longer you remain loyal to our club, the lower your membership number becomes.

As a member you have the opportunity to participate in various member events. If the number of registrations exceeds the available seats, participants will be randomly selected.

Members are entitled to a 10% discount on all full-price merchandise. Multiple discounts cannot be combined; in the event of more than one applicable discount, the largest one will apply.

In addition, you will have the right of first refusal on selected merchandise items. You will be informed of this in advance if you have subscribed to the exclusive Members eV newsletter.

Furthermore, you will have access to all products in our exclusive members' collection.

As a member, you will receive our (German language) FC Bayern club magazine "51“ by post. If you choose not to receive the print version, your annual membership fee will be reduced by €15.00 per season.

You can order the print subscription directly when you apply or subsequently on your personal myFCB profile at The subscription can also be cancelled here.

Independent of the print subscription, you will also have free online access to the (German language) ePaper version of the FC Bayern club magazine "51".

You will have the opportunity to participate in our ticket draw for overbooked matches.

When purchasing tickets for home matches, you will receive a discount (currently €2.50) on all seats (DFB Cup matches excluded).

As a member, you also have access to sold-out home matches on the secondary ticket exchange at (no discount on secondary tickets).

As a member, you will receive a discount (currently €2.00) on the full price when purchasing tickets for the FC Bayern Museum.

As a member, you will also have the opportunity to purchase one set of autograph cards per season.

You can order the autograph cards either with facsimile signatures or, depending on availability, also with original signatures as a complete set or individually online at

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