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The FC Bayern senior chess team was promoted back to Bundesliga 1 in April 2008 after a 12-year absence. This attracted new, top quality players including:

Michael Bezold, aged 34, Grand Master

Julian Jorczik, aged 16, German U-16 champion

Peter Meister, aged 42, International Master

The junior team has also benefited from an influx of very good players:

Julian Jorczik, Ralph Götz, Martin Götz, Djordje Zivkovic, Alexander Upmexer, Christian Friedel, Peter Ebermeyer.

Julian Jorczik took part in the junior world championship in Vietnam. Julian came fifth in the European championship at the age of 14 and 13th in the world championship for his age group.

Chess section

Key facts

Head of sectionJörg Wengler
HonoursPromotion to Bundesliga 1 in April 2008
European cup 1992
9 German championships Meistertitel (between 1976 and 1994
Teams7 men's
2 women's
Senior leaguesBundesliga 1 (men)
Bundesliga 2 (women)
State league south (juniors)
VenueAnton-Fingerle-Zentrum, Schlierseestr. 47, München-Giesing
Practice/trainingFriday from 7 pm (except school holidays)
Juniors: Wilhelm-Hausenstein-Gymnasium,
Monday 13.30 to 15.45
ContactGünter Schütz
Milbertshofener Str. 57
80807 München
Tel. (089) 38 00 34 67 E-Mail:

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