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Interview: Nerlinger

‘One of the great clashes’

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Christian Nerlinger took up the newly-created position of team manager at Bayern some two months ago, “and I’ve learnt a huge amount in that time,“ the man who scored 27 goals in 156 games for the club revealed to The 35-year-old will accompany the current team on Saturday as they seek a first league win of the season in Nerlinger’s home town of Dortmund, where he also scored twice in 62 matches for Borussia. The former player spoke to about the rivalry between BVB and FCB, and the special allure of Borussia’s home ground.

Interview: Christian Nerlinger Christian Nerlinger, you’ve been FCB team manager for just over two months. What’s it been like so far?
Christian Nerlinger: “I’m really enjoying the work, and I’m so pleased I took the job. Apart from my contribution on a day-to-day basis, I’ve obviously learnt a huge amount in that time. I’m getting to know the club all over again, in a way you’ll never know it as a player, because you’re focused on other matters. I’m in contact with all the departments, and I’m finding out how a major club like Bayern Munich really works.“ Bayern are back in Dortmund on Saturday for the second time in a month. FCB lost 2-1 in the Supercup, but Bundesliga points are at stake this time. What can we expect from Bayern?
Nerlinger: “We’ve started with a point against Hamburger SV, which was fine, but obviously we want to be up there at the top right from the start. I’m very optimistic and completely convinced by our team.“