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Reaction to Bayern v Berlin

Klinsmann: 'We're up to speed'

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On Bundesliga Matchday 3, Bayern ran up a first league victory under Jürgen Klinsmann with supreme comfort, Luca Toni (12), Philipp Lahm (54), Bastian Schweinsteiger (56) and Miroslav Klose (70) netting to seal a fully deserved 4-1 victory over Hertha Berlin. Klinsmann was pleased with side's convincing display: "We're gradually getting up to speed.“

Reaction to Bayern v Hertha Berlin:

Jürgen Klinsmann: "We went out and did exactly what we set out to do. We wanted to put them under pressure right from the start, and we worked very hard throughout to grind them down bit by bit. We wanted to let the ball do the work and play one-touch football. We did that very well, especially in the first half-hour, and also for spells of the second half. We worked on a number of formations in pre-season so we have the ability to react to different situations. We played 3-5-2 today to give ourselves a man over in midfield. All my players performed at a very high level today. We're gradually getting up to speed."

Bastian Schweinsteiger: "We fully deserved to win today. We played really well, although we might have scored a goal or two more. Miroslav Klose worked so hard and deserved more of a reward. That's why I wanted him to take the second penalty, because I thought a goal would do him good.“

Miroslav Klose: "It was terrific of Bastian to give me the ball. He was the nominated penalty taker today, and he put the first one away really well, which is why I initially gave him the ball. I had a good day today, and I'm obviously delighted I've scored again.“

Lucien Favre (Berlin coach): "I'm very disappointed. Bayern were much better than us. We lost our shape very early. You have to stay totally focused in defence against a team as good as this, otherwise you don't have a chance. But we didn't do that, so I'm very disappointed.“

Arne Friedrich (Berlin): "We were second best for 90 minutes. Bayern were clever and we tackled badly. We clearly had too much respect. I've rarely seen as one-sided a match, except maybe last season's 4-1 defeat to Bayern. They were very good and we were poor. We haven't done well in Munich for years now.“