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Reaction to Karlsruhe v Bayern

Hoeneß: The tide has turned

It took until four minutes from time to arrive, but Miroslav Klose’s winning goal on Saturday proved enough for Bayern to collect three points after a run of three league matches without a victory. “It was a really important win,“ reflected Uli Hoeneß after a 90-minute scrap at the Wildpark stadium. “We were a little bit lucky, but what we need at the moment is a little bit of luck. I think the tide has turned,“ the general manager said.

Reaction to Karlsruhe v Bayern:

Uli Hoeneß: “It was a really important win. It was a battle out there. We had some great chances in the first half but didn’t put them away, and it was hard work after that. At the end of the day we were a little bit lucky, but what we need at the moment is a little bit of luck. The team scrapped away like madmen until the very last minute. Don’t forget we had ten players away on international duty, whereas KSC had maybe two or three. It’s always a difficult situation for Bayern. Our morale is 100 percent good, it’s just a question of belief at the moment. We were short of confidence after some less than perfect results, but it’ll come back now. I think the tide has turned.“

Jürgen Klinsmann: “It was a vital victory because we want to start moving up the standings. It looked like we’d score the winner from about the 65th minute onwards, but all you can do from the touchline is hope someone forces the ball over the line. We’ve failed to perform in our last two or three league games, but we’re playing twice a week from now on, and it was good to start the sequence with an away win.“