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Impressive start at FCB for newcomer Oddo

Massimo Oddo has already been fitted for Lederhosen, and the process of ‘domesticating’ the new Bavarian arrival will be completed with the traditional team visit to the Oktoberfest on Sunday. “I’ve heard great things and I’m looking forward to it,” he revealed to However, the 32-year-old will not over-indulge in the traditional mugs of foaming local brew. “I’m not going to drink very much because alcohol and me don’t mix.“

The Italian World Cup winner would be entitled to raise a glass to a very promising first five weeks at the club. “I really like it here. The team has made me feel extremely welcome,” he reported, “the only thing missing is a few more Bundesliga points.“ Jürgen Klinsmann is delighted that the player with the squad number 23 has “has settled in unbelievably quickly.“

Start against Bochum?

Oddo has indeed featured more and more often in matches. He began the midweek Champions League meeting with Lyon, and is poised to make a maiden Bundesliga start against Bochum on Saturday. “The tactical and technical skills he brings with him as an Italian make him a quality addition to the team,” enthused Klinsmann.

The 32-year-old’s strengths include determined and precise attacking play. He has already chalked up two assists in his five competitive appearances to date, and initiated the move which ultimately led to Ze Roberto’s headed equaliser in the 1-1 draw with Lyon. “But my primary target is to stop our opponents scoring goals,” he countered, “after all, I’m a defender.“

Oddo has slotted smoothly into the team, both on and off the field, where Klinsmann praised the player’s “open and inquisitive personality“. For reasons of language, Luca Toni is his main point of contact in the dressing room at present, “but I’ve already befriended a number of the other players,” he revealed.

Memories of Milan

Oddo, whose pregnant wife and young son are currently visiting him, is also enjoying life at the club and in Munich. Toni had already explained “I’d be coming to a very big club, well organised but run like a big family. My expectations have been fulfilled.“ Munich, he feels, is “an Italian city. The climate’s like Milan – up to now at least.“

On the subject of the language, “he’s really working hard on learning German. We’re all very impressed,” Klinsmann reported. Oddo himself played down the subject. “Piano, piano. It’s not easy, but I’ll get there step by step,” he said, parading his newly-acquired vocabulary skills: “Danke. Bitte. Arbeiten - Than you. Please. Work.“ He has learned one more vital word too. “Prost - Cheers!“ Bring on the Oktoberfest.