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Reaction to Fiorentina v Bayern

‘We could even have won it at the end’

Bayern travelled to face Fiorentina looking to take at least a point, so the German champions were happy enough with the 1-1 final score. “We’ve deserved the point, and we should probably even have won it at the end,“ argued Tim Borowski. However, the Munich camp felt the display as a whole was below par. “Up front, we’ve all not played as well as we know we’re capable of playing,“ Bastian Schweinsteiger said.

Reaction to Fiorentina v Bayern:

Jürgen Klinsmann: “It wasn’t bad, even in the first half. We expected Fiorentina to put us under a lot of pressure. Most of the time, we succeeded in neutralising them, with the exception of their goal. We largely controlled the game and let the ball do the work, but we lacked the decisive edge when it mattered. At half-time, we spoke about needing to find another gear and summoning up the desire to go out and score the goal we wanted. In the second half, you sensed it was only a matter of time before we forced one over the line.“

Tim Borowski: “We never really got going in the first half, especially with our tackling. Instead of imposing ourselves on the game, we let Fiorentina play. That was our biggest failing. In the second half we overran them, we were almost different class. We made plenty of chances and basically just needed to put one away. We’ve deserved the point, and we should probably even have won it at the end.“