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Bad day at the office

Careless Bayern pegged back at Borussia Park

The Torwand, literally the “goal wall”, is a legendary test of shooting accuracy, featured in the main Saturday evening German soccer highlights show since September 1966. Jürgen Klinsmann, the star guest in the ZDF Sportstudio this weekend, must have felt certain of victory after scoring with two of his six shots, and seeing his studio audience opponent miss by a mile for the fourth time. A 2-0 lead looked more than comfortable.

But the Bayern boss was in for an unpleasant bout of déjà-vu. Out of the blue, Deniz Türkoglu coolly slotted home his last two efforts to equalise and make the final score 2-2. Klinsmann’s response to events in the studio was the broadest of grins, but his expression just six hours earlier at Borussia Park in Monchengladbach was marked by anger and frustration. After dominating for fully 80 minutes and seeming effortlessly on the way to victory at 2-0 up, his men suffered 137 seconds of madness in which they conceded twice and tossed away two vital league points in a 2-2 draw with relegation-threatened Borussia.