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Chairman to perform ceremony

Groundbreaking for football academy in India

A week after Bayern’s Champions League fixture in Florence, club chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge will again take to the air in order to perform the ceremonial groundbreaking for the Bengal/FC Bayern Football Academy in Burdwan, 150 kilometres from Kolkata, on 12 November. “This is the next step in the excellent relations between the two countries, and follows the enthusiastic reception awarded our team in Kolkata last May,” Rummenigge commented.

The people of Kolkata and Burdwan are already excitedly looking forward to this Bundesliga pilot project. “The welcoming ceremony will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before,” Secretary of the Bengal Centre in Munich Kaushik Moulik (pictured left) advised during a visit to Rummenigge’s office on Tuesday, preparing the FCB chairman for a boisterous and exuberant reception. As a foretaste of Indian hospitality, Kolkata Additional Police Commissioner R.K Pachnanda (pictured right) presented the Bayern boss with a cap as worn by his police unit.