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Unforgettable India

FCB starlets return with indelible memories

“Unbelievable! All I saw was a sea of flowers!” With a gesture of his hand, Gerd Müller indicated how he would have been literally in it up to his chin, had the “Bomber” bathed in all the flowers he received on the Bayern reserves’ recent trip to India. The FCB II assistant coach and the second team squad spent nine days in Kolkata and Siliguri in the north-east of the vast country, returning to Munich last Friday with a plethora of tales to tell.

“Bayern’s standing there is incredible. We were received like diplomatic visitors wherever we went,” junior team chief Werner Kern told The youth section head was stunned by the welcome extended to the club’s most promising youngsters some 7,000 km from home.

Müller idolised

Müller was undoubtedly the star of the show. The 63-year-old’s schedule consisted almost entirely of autographs, photos, interviews, accolades, and gifts. “He’s recognised everywhere, he’s respected and honoured. The hype surrounding him was amazing,” Kern revealed, “some 30 years after hanging up his boots, he’s still a living legend in India.”