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Schweini set to return

Klose making progress, Podolski doubtful

If there is one piece of equipment at the Bayern performance centre which the pros have come to treat with wary respect, it is the Versaclimber. The machine involves exercising the arms and legs in opposing directions, and depending on the weights and resistances applied, a workout on the Versaclimber can become a gruelling ordeal.

“Going on it every day makes your head spin,” revealed the injured Miroslav Klose. “Afterwards, I’m just delighted if I can find the dressing room door.”

The Germany goal-getter underwent surgery on an ankle injury some four weeks ago, but is now well on the way to recovery. “It’s looking good,” reported Klose, confident of resuming the team training programme well before the end of the season. “But being too hasty now would be the wrong move,” the striker commented, explaining that his recuperation programme was reviewed “on a weekly basis”, and expressing hopes of returning to the practice ground by early May.

Aiming for the shield

“I’m not setting any targets in terms of the number of games I’d like to play,” said Klose, who currently spends most of his training time on the exercise bikes and the aforementioned Versaclimber. The programme is “demanding, and takes a lot of power,” the 30-year-old continued, but he is kept going by his determination and focus on one special aim. “My goal is to lift the championship shield with my kit on. That’s what I’m working towards.”