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‘A thoroughly deserved victory’

Reaction to Bayern’s 1-0 win over Bielefeld

Bayern’s victory over Arminia Bielefeld was no more than workmanlike, but the three points were crucial as the champions kept pace with leaders Wolfsburg, 2-1 winners over Leverkusen. “It was incredibly important to win away from home today. It doesn’t matter how, the vital thing was taking three points,” Philipp Lahm commented afterwards. Uli Hoeneß spoke of “a thoroughly deserved victory.“

Reaction to Bielefeld v Bayern:

Uli Hoeneß: “We thoroughly deserved today’s victory. We had four or five clear-cut chances, especially in the second half. Not winning today would have been fatal. You do suffer, especially in the last five minutes, because Bielefeld had lots of free-kicks, and there’s always a risk of one slipping through, which would have been appalling given what had gone before. We have six games to play, four at home and two away. We need to win as many as we can to maintain our hopes of the title. We’ve got another away game out of the way, Wolfsburg have had one more home match, so our chances of taking the title have increased very slightly.“

Jürgen Klinsmann: “We needed the points to stay up there with Wolfsburg. We have two home games next and we can keep pushing on. We’re looking for maximum points. Wolfsburg will drop points sooner or later, and that’s when we’ll overtake them. Provided we keep doing what has to be done, we’ll go top at some point.“