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Four-week crash course

Rookie coach Scholl eager to learn every day

On entering the studio for an interview, Mehmet Scholl watched intently as the main display screen ran a video of his first session in charge of the Bayern reserves the previous day. It was probably the first time the former player had seen footage of himself in a coaching role.

Scholl has spent the last few months supervising the FCB U-13s, where his son is on the team. He stepped up to the pro world on Tuesday as caretaker boss of the FCB second team, deputising for Hermann Gerland while the Tiger helps out with the Bundesliga side. “When it was offered, I didn’t have to think about it for long,” said Scholl, “it means I’m doing something for the club, and it’s a welcome opportunity to learn.”

Switching sides

The former star now faces the equivalent of a four-week crash course in coaching a third division side. “It’s totally different from what I did before. I’ve switched sides,” he reflected. It was a chance to gain experience with training methods, group dynamics, and leading a team, “all the things I never thought about as a player. You arrived for morning training and the coach told you what to do. I cared nothing about the hours they spent preparing at home.”

Scholl is excited at stepping up to exactly those responsibilities. “I’m learning something new every day, and I’m thrilled to be working with young, eager people, who’ve not achieved much so far, but want to achieve plenty. It’s the best possible environment in which to learn.”