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Halil Altintop:

'We set aside brotherly love for 90 minutes'

Bayern versus Schalke also pits Altintop against Altintop, midfielder Hamit of Bayern versus Royal Blues striker Halil. Saturday's head-to-head is by no means the first time the twins have crossed swords, "but it's always a bit special," Hamit said. Prior to the latest Allianz Arena clash, also spoke to Schalke's Halil, the junior by ten minutes. The player spoke about tackling his brother, rivalry within the family, and the significance of the match.

Interview: Halil Altintop Hello Halil! How often have you spoken to your brother about Saturday's match?
Altintop: "We've chatted on the phone a number of times every day, as usual.“ How will Hamit react if you and Schalke win in Munich on Saturday? Is there a bet running between the two of you?
Altintop: "There's no bet, and neither of us will bear a grudge against the other afterwards.“ Hamit is way ahead in the head-to-heads against you with nine wins.
Altintop: "Hamit has won more often, but I've scored more goals.“