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Lell, Ze and Rensing all doubtful

Klose 'enjoying it again’ at last

Tuesday morning’s training session at Bayern focused on the basics – short passing, pressing, defending and advancing as a unit, and movement off the ball. Barking crisp and concise commands, Jupp Heynckes carefully explained the purpose behind each exercise. The coach commanded the full attention of the players, whose number included Miroslav Klose, back with the squad for the first time since an ankle operation seven weeks ago.

The striker declined to comment on his training comeback, politely asking for understanding that his entire focus was on his work. However, initial impressions of the Germany international on the practice ground spoke volumes. “Miro came out and scored right away. He’s enjoying it again,” remarked Heynckes, “I know what it’s like when an injured player is cleared to kick a football again. It’s a major relief.”