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Reaction to Bayern v Frankfurt

Pep: Our best home game so far

Bayern laid on an awesome display of controlled attacking football against Frankfurt on Sunday evening, whetting the appetite for more. Pep Guardiola was delighted: “That was our best home game so far. I’m very pleased indeed. Congratulations to my players.“ Frankfurt boss Armin Veh made no secret of his respect and admiration for FCB in their current form: “I’ve never seen such a good Bayern team, how much they enjoy it, the pace they maintain. This is a top-class team, simply sensational.“

Reaction to Bayern v Frankfurt:

Matthias Sammer: “We weren’t in such an easy position after the Salzburg match, but we were good against Gladbach, before a relapse back towards Salzburg in Stuttgart. We need to rediscover our rhythm very soon. We’re pleased about the players coming back from injury now. It helps with the competition for places and team spirit.“

Pep Guardiola: “That was our best home game so far. I’m very pleased indeed. Congratulations to my players, they played very, very well. It was a good step forwards. We controlled the game well, we had lots of possession and we kept releasing our special attacking players. I’m delighted for the fans. In the first half of the season I was often afraid it was too boring for all the people at the stadium.“

Arjen Robben: “Everyone wants to beat the leaders, the champions. So we have to stay focused. No-one’s going to give us anything for free.“

Armin Veh: “We more or less coped in the first half and restricted them to a handful of chances. But that was that. I’ve never seen such a good Bayern team. Every player is worth every cent he earns. Just look how much they enjoy it, the pace they maintain. We wanted to drop deep and close down the space, but you can’t pull it off. It’s the right result and the right margin of victory. This is a top-class team, simply sensational. Even with our so-called first choice team we wouldn’t have stood a chance.“

Pirmin Schwegler (Eintracht Frankfurt): “Before the match we swore to be brave and hope for a miracle. But if Bayern play like that you’re destined to lose. We have to accept that.“

Alexander Meier (Eintracht Frankfurt): “Naturally it was a deserved win, although we kept up with them well until their second goal. It would certainly have been a more open contest if we’d gone in at half-time only one goal down. After their third they knocked it about brilliantly.“