What are you watching, Mats Hummels?


The Bavarians spent five hours in a plane on Wednesday, a good occasion to read a book, play cards - or watch TV series. Mats Hummels told fcbayern.com which shows he likes to watch when the team are on the move!

Mats Hummels's top three TV series

First place: Scrubs

There are lots of medical TV series, but nothing is like Scrubs. The US comedy-drama format merges humour with sad moments. The central character is the young doctor John Michael "J.D." Dorian, who faces the daily challenges of life at a hospital as a somewhat naive medical graduate. Besides working with his best friend Turk, J.D. also meets the love of his life at the hospital.

"Scrubs is my all-time favourite series," says Hummels, who likes the distinct wit in the American show. "It's outstanding and fits with my sense of humour." The series aired between 2001 and 2010, a total of 182 episodes at a running time of about 22 minutes. "Almost every episode I've watched was really good."

Second place: Suits

Humour is also a significant feature of Suits, but the series is unique first and foremost due to the strong characters. Top lawyer Harvey Specter from Manhattan and his new assistant Mike Ross, a college dropout, are the central characters. Ross has two big problems: he is unmotivated and has no licence. Nevertheless the unequal duo soon become invincible.

"You quickly grasp what's going to happen in the episode," says Hummels, "the lawyers have cases, and they always win of course. Nevertheless I was immediately intrigued by the series!" The sixth season is currently airing in the US.

Third place: Narcos

Just like fellow defender Javi Martínez, Hummels counts the series about the chase of the Colombian drug cartel and Pablo Escobar among the highlights of recent TV history. "It's fascinating that Narcos is based on a true story," according to Hummels. "I wasn't familiar with the history there before watching - fortunately. The series is also a bit like a history lesson." Hummels's summary: "Sensational!"