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Bayern showed great commitment and fighting spirit in securing a narrow 1-0 victory away to Eintracht Frankfurt. "That was very hard work,"  Jupp Heynckes observed. The 72-year-old was pleased with his team's attitude. "We were on top form, not as we usually are in terms of footballing class, but in games like that you have to put up a fight and that's what we did.“

Reaction to Eintracht v Bayern

Jupp Heynckes: "We've all witnessed a very tough game against opponents who were outstanding in terms of fighting spirit. That was very hard work. We were on top form for 95 minutes, not as we usually are in terms of footballing class, but in games like that you have to resist and put up a fight, and that's what we did. Being top at the halfway mark isn't important. What matters is winning and extending our lead. We've built up a head of steam over the last few weeks and we're playing attractive football again. What we see in the standings is very pleasing, as is our lead. But I'm not setting off any fireworks yet.“

Tom Starke: "Obviously I'm pleased about my 100th game. During the warm-up I was informed Sven Ulreich couldn't play. I had a decent game today. We kept a clean sheet and we've won – it's all good. I'm always ready when I'm needed. I've done it often enough in the past and I'm still totally up for it. We're very pleased with the result."

Thomas Müller: "Our Bayern hearts were on display today. We all fought hard. It was a high-intensity game but we all enjoyed defending our lead.“

Niko Kovac (Eintracht Frankfurt coach): "I think we played very well against a world-class team. The fact we've been praised to the skies by Jupp Heynckes proves that we gave it everything. We deserved better than simply to lose.“

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