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FC Bayern extended their winning streak, deservedly beating Schalke 2-1 in Saturday evening's top clash despite Jupp Heynckes' absence due to a heavy bout of flu. "I think Jupp Heynckes was most engrossed in front of the TV," said assistant coach Peter Hermann, who deputised for the head coach. Thomas Müller made a confession after the final whistle.

Reaction to Bayern v Schalke

Peter Hermann: "I think Jupp Heynckes was most engrossed in front of the TV. He texted me, I'll have to call him. Congratulations on the victory, he said. It was a very tough match for us. Schalke pressed very well, they were always alert. Congratulations to the team, what they've done over the last few months is very good."

Thomas Müller: "Our coach will say I cheekily put it in. I tried to square it. My hip was in a rather unhealthy position, and it just went into the corner. A keeper often speculates in situations like this, but I didn't have the time to see it and then score. I was a bit lucky indeed."

Domenico Tedesco (FC Schalke 04 coach): "We had ambitious plans. We wanted to be robust against tall and strong defenders. We wanted to have possession. We did a good job. The team turned in a very good display, they were bold and didn't only defend. But Bayern kept making the right decisions and ultimately saw it through thanks to their cleverness."

Leon Goretzka (FC Schalke 04): "We turned in an entertaining display for the fans and tried to turn the tide. Bayern aren't used to chasing the ball. It was our plan, and we put it into practice. It hurts a bit that we failed to reward ourselves."

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