Gerland: Heynckes is a great coach

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Assistant coach Hermann Gerland talked about the upcoming cup final against Eintracht Frankfurt, saying goodbye to his companion Jupp Heynckes and painful beer showers during the championship celebrations.

Mr Gerland, how is the atmosphere in the team before the cup final? Is Manuel Neuer's inclusion in the squad for the first time since September a boost for the team?

Gerland: The atmosphere in the team is very good, that's clear. It's our last match of the season tomorrow, and it's an important one too: the cup final. But we face strong opponents, Eintracht Frankfurt. Manuel has trained superbly over the last few weeks. It's always good when he's there, he's the best goalkeeper in the world.

You've expressed enthusiasm for the DFB Cup final again and again – what makes it so special?
It's a wonderful event, a glorious ambience. Half of the spectators are from Frankfurt, the other half are Munich fans – or perhaps we'll have a bit more on our side. Unfortunately I lost here 30 years ago. I hope that won't happen tomorrow.

It was a 1-0 defeat with Bochum against Frankfurt. Do you want to take revenge tomorrow?

Gerland: It's a different team today. I only hope we'll leave the pitch as winners. It would be a nice farewell for Jupp too.

The final will be Jupp Heynckes' last match as a coach – are you a bit wistful?

Gerland: No. We all wanted him to stay, but he said, 'I only helped,' for understandable reasons. He's done a superb job. You see his strengths as a person, which are even greater than his qualities in terms of football. He has a real feel for personal relationships, the players and his staff as well as the spectators and the referee. He's nice to everyone.

After the victory in the cup final in 2013 you said goodbye to your old companion with a witty address. What can we expect on Saturday?

Gerland: It'll depend on my mood, I don't have to repeat it. But I've always said what I think of him. I had to play against him too. He was Borussia Mönchengladbach's left winger in a phase when Gladbach were at least as strong as Bayern. It wasn't easy to play against him. He was a great forward, and now he's a great coach, who has an incredible wealth of experience of course.

You sustained a little strain last week, when you tried to avoid beer showers at the Allianz Arena. If you win the cup will you avoid runs?
(laughing) It wasn't a little strain but a big pulled hamstring. I won't run tomorrow, and it was a stupid idea in the first place. But I think the lads who chased me had fun, and it contributed to the amusement.