FC Bayern stands for tolerance and diversity

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Around the world the rainbow flag stages for change, new beginnings and peace. It symbolises tolerance, respect and acceptance in many cultures and is an expression of hope everywhere. At the end of the 2018/19 Bundesliga season, it will fly at the Allianz Arena, adorning each corner flag when FC Bayern host Eintracht Frankfurt. “With this campaign, together with our ‘Queerpass Bayern’ fan club, we want to send a clear signal for tolerance and diversity, against racism and homophobia,” explained FC Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

“We expect more visibility, educational work and an important contribution to the removal of taboos,” said fan club chairman Marcus Janke. Homophobia is on the increase worldwide, “so it’s a wonderful signal that FC Bayern are positioning themselves as a world club with its values at our side. It stands for tolerance and against discrimination of any kind because the rainbow flag isn’t only a symbol of the gay movement alone.”

‘Queerpass Bayern’ was founded in 2006. Its 75 members are fully integrated into the fan culture of the record champions, they have often taken part in the traditional Kurt Landauer tournament and enrich the scene with social activities, including inviting rainbow refugees and disadvantaged children to the stadium. The rainbow flag has permanent place at the Allianz Arena and has become an important focal point over the years. “We also want to symbolise to other gays: ‘You are not alone’,” Janke explained.

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