FC Bayern celebrate 150th fan club in the USA

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FC Bayern enjoy great popularity and a growing supporter base all around the world. The 2019 double winners have now reached 150 fan clubs in North America, making them the leading team in that part of the world. To mark this milestone, the Allianz Arena will be lit up in the colours of the United States flag and the number ‘150’ on the evening of 4 July, American Independence Day.

“Exactly five years ago, we opened our first international office in New York in order to expand our fan community, support the growth of football on and off the pitch, and form mutually beneficial partnerships,” said Jörg Wacker, Bayern board member responsible for internationalisation and strategy. That plan has worked out: back then in 2014, there were just eight fan clubs in North America, the first of which was formed in Martinsville, New Jersey on 20 December 1995 – now there are nearly 18 times as many!

The record champions will, as they have done for the last three years, again travel to the USA as part of their pre-season preparations to satisfy their ever-growing fan base in the area, taking part in the Audi Summer Tour 2019 from 15 to 24 July. It’s about “underlining the commitment to bring the club closer to the fans in this region,” as Wacker explained.

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